First mountain biking adventure

Showing off his elbow
Showing off his elbow

Back in March Matt took the boys mountain biking for the first time. The boys had been doing really well on their bikes and were super excited to go. Poor Noah got going too fast down a hill and lost control. He was a little sore that day, but was back on his bike the next day.

Here’s a video of him riding before the crash:


Matt completed his first century, 100 mile bike ride, this past weekend! Seriously impressive if you ask me. I would not want to sit on a bike seat that long. The ride took place in beautiful San Luis Obispo. He rode up and down hills (pretty flat here so that was exciting), through fog, and along the coast line. Gorgeous ride!

I am so proud of you!

He was raising money for Fireproof ministries and you can still donate if you would like.

Bike crashes

So the boys have been riding their bikes more and more, so today i took them out front and down the street. They are moving pretty good, but slow and get distracted too easily. But still.

Today ezra decided on his own to bomb down the hill into the ravine. First through the rocks, then i convinced him the grass is much softer to fall on. He fell all three times, but kept wanting to go again.

I got the second one on video. Notice after pick him up he wants his bike asap. Sad news is his bike may need some repair and wood glue after the third crash.

duathalon year duex.

So we have been training for our off road duathalon since january or so, and the race was this weekend. Check out last years duathalon coverage here.

We had a great weekend in prescott again this year. We had grandma and grandpa watch the boys while Stephanie and I went up for the evening. A friday night dinner and a minor league hockey game.

It was a brisk morning up in the mountains, but the sun was warming things up well. a 45° start temp.
Us ready to run & bike

Stephanie ran the first 1.5 mile run in her normal pace of 16 minutes. About a minute or two faster than last year.

Then I was off for the biking.
Coming in off the bike into the transition area

I improved about 4 minutes over last years ride time. It was less windy, but last year I had a bike with gears, this year I rode the single speed, and pushed it up the hills harder than I should have. I was able to ride up (where about half the 130 participants walked). I paid for it later when my lungs literally felt strained. I forgot that i normally ride at 1k feet elevation, and can do that kind of stuff, where a 5500 foot altitude plus a long & steep 1 mile climb takes my breath away. Literally.

Stephanie was off for the last leg of the run. She did improve over last year and came in strong. Some issues with altitude and pollen, but nothing her inhaler and a short walking couldn’t help.
Stephanie Coming in from the run

We finished at 1:32. we hope next year to improve much more.

It was a great night away and time with out our boys, but we were happy to get home and see them. They had a good time with grandma and grandpa, but they did like having us home.

new wheels times 2

We did get a new (to us) car. One of just a few cars out there that fit the 2 rear facing kids and me. 

The 03 4runner. Its a 4×4 and a v8 (i know, I know, you are thinking gas hog). Its actually pretty fuel efficient for its size. So far we are getting 21mpg (way better than a suburban or something). I think its pretty cool. Very comfortable, quiet, and lots of cool toyota features. 

IMG_3525 IMG_3526
and yes, i already added the appropriate stickers. I just need to get some good biking related ones.
(click for full view)


This week I also got my new bike. Finally after a few months of no road bike, the replacement is here (last one was stolen from a friends house). Its a 2009 Jake the Snake Cyclocross Bike. Meaning its a road bike, but burly, can fit knobby tires, and is meant to be taken in the grass, dirt & mud. Not sure if I will ever run a cyclocross race, but its cool to have a bike that is quick on the road, and can cut through the park when i want to.

IMG_7943 IMG_7949 IMG_7953

matt's new bike is here

picked it up today at lunch. 

I Love that Color!

Probably the coolest bike I have ever ridden. Should be a bit faster than my 29er mountain bike.

First Duathlon in Prescott

So If you didnt know yet, Stephanie and I have been training for an Off Road Duathlon. This a 1.5 mile run, 8.4 mile ride, and then another 2.5 mile run. All on trails and dirt. Much different than pavement. Training went pretty well, despite being sick. After pre-riding the course, Stephanie wasnt in for the biking leg. So we switched to being a relay team. Stephanie would run, Matt would ride.

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Saturday Biking in prescott

Today, Stephanie and I went up north to prescott for some biking. We are participating in the Go Off Road Duathlon (run – bike – run) in 2 weeks, and we needed to pre ride the course. Good thing we did, because its way more hilly than anything we have here in the valley. I mean some steep, long climbs at altitude.

Stephanie and her bike.


the zoom in of what she did to her bike

Yep, she some how over shifted, and then wrapped the chain around the crank arm. I really have no idea how she did it to be honest. 


Me riding through a tunnel

Friday Update – 01.30.09

Adoption: Still waiting! 47 weeks! Anyone want to take bets that we will get to 50? (I am thinking more and more that I was right with February 23) There was lots of good news this week. 12 infants were referred. Seven girls and five boys! Congratulations to all the happy families. We also received news that due to the extended wait from referral to travel our agency will be providing more photo updates for waiting families. Families were just getting pictures at referral and after passing court, but now they will get pictures ever 4-6 weeks.

Training: Training for the duathlon is still going well. I ended up taking two days off this week due to a little cold. I was also hoping to add some strength training this week, but it just didn’t happen. I hope to be back to full strength next week.

Gardening: The winter garden is still going strong. I have been snacking on snow peas all week. Yummy! My first head of broccoli is finally starting to grow. It looks like I will have some onions and garlic in a couple of months. It is also time to start seeds for the spring garden.

Biking: I still love my new bike, even if it tried to eat my pants today. Thanks to Keith and Erin I have a lovely sticker of Africa on it.

Stephanie's favorite bike trail

Yesterday, I took stephanie out to east mesa to ride her favorite trail at Usery park. I love riding with stephanie. Yes, I ride all the time, but riding with stephanie is fun. We get to hang out, chat, and have a good time with each other in the car, on the trail, and during our little picnic after the ride.

Its always so pretty, and lush for a desert. This video doesn’t do the trail, the vegetation, or the beautiful day justice.

Friday Update – 01.16.09

Adoption Update:  45 weeks down!  I am trying to feel better about the wait, but it was difficult this week.  The wait for referral is one thing, but the wait from referral to travel has been extended and is now expected to take about four months.  It used to only be about two.  The increase of adoptions in Ethiopia has burdened an already overwhelmed system, please pray for the Ethiopian government and that they are able to do what is best for the children.  Also, pray for the adopting families to have patience as this part of the wait is the most difficult.  To know your child but not be able to hold, comfort, or love on is a very difficult time.  

It has been a month since the last round of referrals.  To be honest I always knew in my heart there would be a drought of referrals before we received our referral.  I do not know how long that drought is going to last, but I am hoping that this is the last drought we have to make it through.

Duathlon Training:  I have been doing very well with my training.  I either bike or run every day and some days I do both.  I am improving little by little and happy with the results so far.

Gardening:  The garden is continuing to thrive.

First snow pea!

Life:  Is going great.  We are going to see Abby tomorrow and Matt is doing a little photo shoot with her.  I am sure we will have some cute pictures to share.  We are also going mountain biking.  I last went on my birthday so I am long overdue for a ride.

With the duathlon training Matt wanted to buy me a road bike, but I opted for a new (to me) commuter bike that would also make a decent road bike for the few times I will need it as one.  I got to ride her for the first time today and am loving her.  My old commuter was a little small, plus this new one has a few more gears.  Needless to say it is much faster and easier to ride.

Matt still needs to attach my panniers and my basket then I will be all set for running errands again.  Oh and that suspension seat post has got to go!