New Blog Name & theme

So our blog name had lots of issues with random search traffic. @dams is not an uncommon last name. And lets just say some of our random search traffic was disappointed with the results when they made it to our blog. I guess thats what happens when we topped the search results for a popular 1980s playmate. 


So anyway. We changed the blog URL to So far all looks to be working like normal. But time will tell if there are issues. 

Also, i finished a new blog theme. Stephanie disliked how “bland” the old one was, although I loved the minimalism and typography. Notice that you can switch the design scheme in the upper right. Pretty cool huh. 

Also note that the recent posts on the right will be the best way to access older posts, as the home page now only shows the newest post, and most recent comments. 


We’ll see how it goes. There may be more revisions later. 

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