Oven Fire

2013 started off with a bang. January 3 our oven caught fire! Luckily Matt is observant or it might have been worse. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner (it smelt so yummy and I couldn’t wait to devour it!) and Matt came in to tell me something. He noticed light in the oven and I told him that I had some foil in there and he was just seeing a reflection. Luckily he hardly ever listens to me, so he opened the oven. Sure enough a bright white flame was on the element. I grabbed the extinguisher and used it, which made the flames flare up! We slammed the oven shut, Matt called the fire department, and I took the boys outside. They were thrilled that a fire truck was coming to the house! By the time the firefighters arrived the fire was out, all they did was unplug the oven and told us not to use it. They told us we did the right things by keeping the oven closed and smothering the oven with the flame retardent. While the retardent didn’t work on the element, had the oven been messy (shockingly mine was clean) the grime would have caught fire and then spread to the cabinets.

The boys and the firefighters
The boys and the firefighters
Noah in the truck
Noah in the truck
Ezra checking out the mess
Ezra checking out the mess
Me and the boys waving bye to the firetruck
Me and the boys waving bye to the firetruck

In the end all we had to do was replace the oven, we found a newish one on craigslist and now all our appliances match. ūüôā

Lesson: Keep your oven clean and never leave the house with the oven on or you could have a big fire.

Big Boy Beds

This post is super late. We switched the boys to big boy beds over Memorial Day weekend. They are doing really great with them.

Friday night fun, setting up the first bed.

Saturday morning, dismantling the cribs. ūüôĀ

Helping daddy set up Noah's bed.

Finished project.

Cuddling in Noah's bed.

Ezra out cold the first night in his bed.

Last Shuttle Launch

The boys witnessed the shuttle Atlantis lift off this morning. I know they won’t remember it, but I was glad they were able to witness this moment in history.

New Adventure

I figured I didn’t have enough to do and needed a little more adventure in my life. ūüėČ It’s not a huge adventure and one I hope to find as a fun outlet.

I am starting a new blog for all the homemaking things (seriously could not think of a better word) I like to do. I want to keep this current blog more of a family blog, keep track of the boys as they grow, all the family adventures we do, and more personal stuff (again lack of a better word*). Sometimes you might see the same post on both blogs (if you choose to read both), but most of the time it will be different. I will be posting more recipes and crazy things I try over there. Please come and join my Homemaking Adventures!

I am using nicknames for the boys over there, but did decide to post pics. I went back and forth, but honestly I think pics often make the blog (plus seriously I have some cute boys!). I hope to keep some privacy for them and if some day they don’t want me to use their cute faces anymore I will stop.

*(Hoping more blogging will somehow improve my vocabulary and writing skills)

60 years!

Yesterday my grandparents celebrated 60 years of marriage. WOW!!! Congratulations to them. We get to go back and celebrate with them at the end of the month. I can’t wait for them to meet their great-grandsons. ūüôā

Here’s the clip from their local paper, there is another couple on the page married for 73 years!

New Year, New Do’s

The boys hair was all sorts of out of control, growing every which way, and several different lengths. ¬†On New Year’s Eve we decided to take them for their first haircuts. ¬†It went fairly well, we went to CNC Barbershop and Cedric was super nice and did a great job with the boys. ¬†Ez’s hair is shorter than I wanted but it was the only way he could even it out (on the plus side Noah can’t pull it anymore). ¬†Noah’s turned out great and is easier to comb out.

Ez in the chair ready to go
Getting it buzzed, he was actually fairly relaxed during this
Noah's turn!
Noah getting started
He didn't enjoy it very much
The finished product

My little brother is officially a fire fighter


Last night I went to Jason’s swearing in as a fire fighter for Ak-Chin. ¬†It was a nice night and I am very proud of him.


The happy new fire fighter and his family


Proud dad


Mom and son


Bagpipers leading in the Color Guard


Abby enjoying the bagpipes


Getting sworn in


Getting pinned

Good News All Around

First, Congratulations to Gregg and Meg, Sam officially became their son today and he is adorable.  

Second, Abby made it to the 3rd and final round of Baby Idol!  Please keep voting for her!

Matt took this adorable shot and is very excited to see her make it so far. ¬†It doesn’t hurt that she is just so freakin’ cute!

Third, Our visa appointment was confirmed for June 11.  We leave June 6!  We are so excited to finally be leaving and super excited to meet those two cute little boys of ours!  We will be back home to begin our new life together June 16!!!

Noah & Ezra!

Introducing Noah Esrael and Ezra Yakob born on November 14, 2008!


Ezra is on the left, Noah on the right.  Angie was so sweet to take this video for us when she was there!


Here are their referral photos taken February 10, 2009:

Ezra Yakob


Noah Esrael

I am sensing a theme in their daily lives, two different families traveling weeks apart have both sent me this scene: 

Ezra crying and Noah giving him a look

Lots more pictures in the photo gallery!

Today was not the day :(

We didn’t pass court today. ¬†One piece of paper did not have both boys names on it. ¬†Something so simple! ¬†We are both bummed. ¬†I really wanted to share the boys with ya’ll today, more than anything.

Our new court date is May 14.  So please pray for that one stinken piece of paper to come back correctly.

6 days until court!

Abby's Big Arrival

Abby finally made her appearance this morning at 10:35 after a very long night.  She weighed in at 7 pounds 3.5 ounces and 21 inches long.  She is an absolute doll and already keeping Jason busy with the diaper changes!

Here are some pics, I also uploaded a few more in the photo gallery (I will upload more when I get them, hint hint dad):

Yawning must be hard work being born

Happy new family

Proud new dad

Grandpa and Abby

Grandma and Abby

New Blog Name & theme

So our blog name had lots of issues with random search traffic. @dams is not an uncommon last name. And lets just say some of our random search traffic was disappointed with the results when they made it to our blog. I guess thats what happens when we topped the search results for a popular 1980s playmate. 


So anyway. We changed the blog URL to mattandstephaniesblog.com. So far all looks to be working like normal. But time will tell if there are issues. 

Also, i finished a new blog theme. Stephanie disliked how “bland” the old one was, although I loved the minimalism and typography. Notice that you can switch the design scheme in the upper right. Pretty cool huh.¬†

Also note that the recent posts on the right will be the best way to access older posts, as the home page now only shows the newest post, and most recent comments. 


We’ll see how it goes. There may be more revisions later.¬†