ice cooling t-shirts – now available

inspired by the one and only kamal (currently of germany soon to be vegas).

ohh yeah, it a great shirt inspired by environmentalism, a love for inner-city youth, ohh and ice hockey (why did I put that last?).

shirt reads: trice as nice on ice bringing ice hockey to inner-city youth and cooling corporate buildings since 2008.

shirts will be $42.
making ice for inner-city youth and cooling corporate buildings one shirt at a time isn’t cheap.

5 Replies to “ice cooling t-shirts – now available”

  1. Dude – I’ve been soo busy trying to get all our equipment and jets out of England and back to Germania, that I almost forgot to check for daily updates…

    I LOVE THOSE SHIRTS… and I really think we should get a couple made… I almost would pay 42 smakaroos just to be the coolest guy in Europe. HAHAH that is HIGH-larious!

    I’ll take two larges please… freakin’ awesome!

  2. OOOhhhh – I just got another idea….. do it on a black shirt, and make the “twice as nice” Yellow, and the corporate inner-city youth thing in white…. mmm?

    Oh yeah – and starting Friday, I will finally be out of England and back into Germany. Dont get me wrong, I’ve had a GREAT time, but it’s time to go home after two months of $2.05 to the £1.00 . I did get to London almost every other weekend (only 2 hours away), and saw a couple plays… my all-time new favorite being Les-Miserables (I know I’m lame…) because the singing so amazing, and it was a great show (I only cried twice [ really lame…]). And if you ever get the chance to see “Wicked”, it’s also a great show.

  3. im down for a penguin colored shirt.

    if we ran 12 shirts of mixed sizes, 2 color on american apparel shirts (think yuppy slim fit, high quality shirts made in the USA) they would be $10 each.

    the only problem is that only you and I would split the cost. I dont know if I can convince stephanie that $60 for some fun shirts is a good idea.

    Any idea when you head back to the states? How is house hunting from europe to vegas?

  4. Well, it was my idea, and you made it happen, so I’ll just pay that much more. I just wont tell Kierra how much it cost… haha

    but seriously – all i need are Larges, and a few mediums for Kierra. Perrrrrrfect. I’ll send a couple to Kevin also… great gift ideas!

    House hunting is going well, Kierra and I just need to sit down together when I get back tomorrow and see what we like. She’ll be out there around the middle of the month, so she’ll start looking and let me know what she likes (wow – trusting huh?)… I just hope we’re close to a golf course, ice rink, and a chipotle…. Forget what you know, that is my hierarchy of fun (maybe not in that order… and I left a couple out to stay prim and propper [ i need to get out of england])

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