Snowball Fight

Okay we don’t get a lot of snow, or really any, but the boys really want snow. I saw an idea for an indoor snowball fight with paper balls and knew it would be a hit. We had a ton of fun and no one got cold and wet!








Making pizza

I try to let the boys help me in the kitchen. It isn’t easy for me, it requires a lot of patience and more planning than I’m used to, plus the kitchen gets even messier than when I cook (and I am a messy cook!).

They really enjoy cooking though. Making homemade pizza was right up their ally! They loved making the dough, smelling it, feeling it, tossing it, tasting it. They also added their sauce, cheese and toppings but for some reason no pics of that part.

Yep Ez tried the raw dough
Yep Ez tried the raw dough
Ez tossing his dough
Ez tossing his dough
So much fun!
So much fun!
Noah's dough in the air
Noah’s dough in the air
Messy boy
Messy boy

Straw Connectors

The boys received these Straws and Connectors Kit for Christmas from Nana and Papa and they really are a lot of fun! They still need helping building an actually shape, but they can easily connect them by themselves.

After daddy built the rocket ship in the picture, Ez insisted on some wings for himself. Noah likes to connect them to make letters and numbers.

Rocket Ship and Ez
Rocket Ship and Ez
Being silly
Ez and his wings
Ez and his wings

Sorry Noah I have no idea why you didn’t make any of the photos.

Yes that is an affiliate link, doesn’t hurt to try make a couple of bucks here does it?

Shaving cream fun

I bought some shaving cream to do a science experiment I found on pinterest. It was a rainy day and you were supposed to use the shaving cream as clouds and food coloring as rain. It worked okay. Apparently my clouds were a little thick to let the rain come down. The shaving cream was much more fun to just play with in the end.

Excitedly waiting
Excitedly waiting
Noah's raining
Noah’s raining
Ezra watching his rain - finally.
Ezra watching his rain – finally.
Noah wanted to add more colors, he wanted the sun, moon, and the rain.
Noah wanted to add more colors, he wanted the sun, moon, and the rain.
Happy Noah
Happy Noah
He is happiest when he is messy
He is happiest when he is messy

How kids handle their nightmares

I find it really interesting how kids handle their dreams and nightmares differently. We have entered that stage of nightmares and screaming wake ups. Actually Ezra started months ago during the summer. He would wake up thinking there was someone in the room.

So Stephanie found an idea from another mom, that we asked Ezra to take that dream, and give it to us. We would hold out our hands, then take the dream out of the room to “throw it away”. That really helped Ezra. He would generally calm down, and be done with it.

Last night was Noah’s first screaming nightmare. An alligator in bed. I think he has been watching too much of the classic Disney film “The Rescuers” featuring the bad characters pet aligator henchmen. So I tried the same thing. I stood there with my hands open and asked him to give me his dream. He said “Where?, How Daddy?”. I said from your mind, close your eyes and pretend to hand it to me. He does. Then as Im holding my hands closed, he freaks out “DADDY! YOU ARE DRIPPING IT ON MY BED!”.

Just so funny how one boy accepts the idea and thinks its great, while the other questions its logic, and if it will even work.

Ohh what did work you ask? I asked noah to describe to me the dream. I drew it. Black and white, with a lime green alligator in his bed. I asked him to crumple it up, He refused to even touch the paper. So I took it and made a ball, took it to the fire place, and burned it. He really enjoyed seeing the paper writher away to ashes, and I hope it helps future nightmares.

Funny Quotes – IX

I told Noah to let me know if he needed help. Then I over hear Ezra, “I’ll help you as a tattletale!”

Ezra talking about the cats, “they are great at pooping and they are great sleeping.”

Noah, “There are two of Micah and Judah and there are two of us!”
Matt, “Yep, they are twins and you are twins.”
Noah (looking at me and Matt), “And you guys are twins!”

I was resting my eyes while the boys did something involving “beibers” and “damage.”
Turns out they were beavers building a dam.

Me, “What are you doing?”
Ezra, “I’m up to something.”

The boys’ phineas and ferb cd has a song called “my undead mummy and me.” The boys walk around singing “my dead mommy and me.”

“Say thank you Noah.” – Noah
“Thank you, Noah.” – Noah
Nope I didn’t accidentally leave Ezra out of the conversation. He wasn’t involved.

Chickens come from chicken trees – Noah.

Ezra is playing a new leapster game and the game said something about hitting targets, “mommy, the penguins went to Target!”

“Noah be careful I don’t know how to sing.” – Ezra to the tune of frosty the snowman.

“I ate baby Jesus and the hay!” out of context Ezra

Me: You are going to celebrate Jesus’ birthday tomorrow at school.
Ezra: Is baby Jesus going to be there?

“Super Noah wants some make-up.” – Super Noah

Ezra heard the term bundt cake yesterday for the first time and immediately asked, “mommy what’s butt cake?”

Matt, “who’s side are you on?”
Ezra, “Noah’s, he’s on the right.”

Ezra brought me baby Jesus in a cup and whispered, “shhh he’s a baby angel.”

“I’m having allergies I can’t put my own socks on!” – Ezra

“I like daddy, he is funny. I like when he shoots my butt. He shoots my butt every day.” – Noah (with a nerf gun of course)

“Jesus lives in my tummy and helps me do good things” – Ezra.

Noah: I’m going to high five your face.