The Piano

Teeny tiny babies playing with dad

Big boys playing with dad

Ezra has become increasingly obsessed with playing the piano. To the point today where he was standing at the piano crying. So I sat with him and Noah a bit to play. Then Noah was done and I desperately need to stuff diapers, so they could have clean ones to wear, but Ez was not done with the piano. He is too little to sit on the bench all by himself, so I used my mommy brain and came up with a solution:

Ez playing the Piano from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

I was able to hear some lovely compositions by Ez while getting chores done, win/win if you ask me!

happy 1st birthday

Happy Birthday to Noah & Ezra!!!!

Just for fun, here are the photos of the boys at referral (February 10, 2009), and yesterday.







And the 7 minutes of cake mayhem. Some pretty entertaining moments in here .

The boys and their first cake

Happy first birthday boys!