Kazoo time

My boys love music, good thing I have apparently been blessed with a tolerance for hearing a lot of musical creations throughout the day. Here’s a video including kazoos, piano, and a little singing.

MVI 8101 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Eee I eee I oh

Here’s a short video of Ez being silly then singing the two songs he sort of knows. Old McDonald and If You’re Happy and You Know it (happy, happy, happy in Ez terms). Also a brief appearance by his brother who was feeling left out.

MVI 8068 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Photo Sunday – 05.02.2010


My little stunt rider
noah in a hat

Trying out daddy’s hat
the boys kicing the kitchen

Helping daddy fix their oven door

Starting them young

First popsicles (don’t let the face fool you, he loved it)

First splash pad experience


New haircut

Trying so hard to catch the water

He’s running so fast he is not even touching the ground!

Water fun from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Short video of Ez enjoying the water

Dancing at the splash pad from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

There was music nearby, so Ez just had to dance!

booty shakin’

For some reason, the boys really love to get down and dance, but only to specific songs. They do it pretty much on their own. Last night Beastie Boys came on the radio, and within seconds we had two booty shakin boys. They love almost every Beastie Boys song. Probably because its the only CD I have the car for emergency radio replacement.


The other night Noah was still in his high chair practicing his fork skills, because he is obsessed, and Ez was done.  So Ez decided to tickle his brother.  It was super adorable.  We, of course, tried to capture the moment on video, but toddlers have some sixth sense when it comes to video cameras.  Anyway I caught two short snippets of the giggling fun.

MVI 6992 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

MVI 6991 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Lost Videos

Yesterday I was digging through my iphoto looking for a particular picture and I was all the way back in the middle of 2008 when I found video of the boys. Yep before they were born. The camera had date coded the videos wrong and I had forgotten all about them. They are a few short clips of some wobbly, barely 8 month old boys. I was happy to find them.

SDV 0043 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

SDV 0041 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

SDV 0038 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

SDV 0039 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

SDV 0042 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Mailbox Monster

The boys are their daddy have a game called Mailbox Monster.  Mailbox Monster brings about tons of giggles.  We keep trying to catch the giggles on video but it is very difficult, because as soon as the camera comes out they want the camera!  Here is our best attempt at catching the game and all its giggles:

MVI 5911 from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.