RIP Santa

On September 12 we were driving in the car when the boys decided to ask me some serious questions.  First they asked if the tooth fairy was real.  I asked if they wanted to know the whole truth.  They said they did.  So I told them the truth.  They asked how the tooth box was glowing then, and I told them it was just glow in the dark material like some of their shirts and pajamas have.  Then they asked who was the one that put the money under Noah’s pillow.  When I told them it was me they were very excited that mommy was the tooth fairy.

After a brief pause in our conversation came the next question.  Is Santa real?  I explained that Santa is a mascot of Christmas and explained the concept of generosity beginning with St. Nicholas.  I happened to mentioned St. Nicholas was a real person that lived a long time ago.

Ezra, “So Santa died?”