When life gives you beans make hummus.

What you’re not familiar with that saying?  This morning I woke up ready to can black beans for the first time.  You see we eat a lot of beans around here and I am concerned about feeding too much BPA to my little cuties.  I am sure in very small amounts our bodies could rid us of BPA, but it seems to be found in more and more stuff, so I try to eliminate when possible.  I cook from scratch for the most part, but having a can of beans on hand is so convenient, easy way to add protein and so yummy.  I own a pressure canner, so I thought why not?  Its actually not that difficult but when you make a few mistakes (like someone did this morning) it can be more of a task than anticipated.

Mistake #1

Assumed my children would sleep to their normal wake-up time and I would have the beans in the canner before hearing a peep from them.

Being entertained in their highchairs by whisks.  I was moving a pot of boiling water and didn’t want to risk an accident.

Mistake #2

Left beans on stove (waiting to boil) and went and dressed two adorable little boys.  I came back to the biggest boil over I have ever had, my entire stove-top was covered.  I guess I am lucky that I got there before it started running down the sides.

Mistake #3

Not reading my pressure canner instructions before starting.  Yes I have used it before and get most of it.  The mistake I made, I just KNEW it fit 7 quart sized jars, reality it fits 5 quart sized jars.  (meaning I had about 4 store bought cans too many of beans to can)

Mistake #4

I did an extra step, yep more work than necessary.  I sterilized my jars, but for pressure canning you only have to wash not sterilize.

My giant mess, see my water bath canner on the left?  Totally unnecessary, I only got it out to sterilize the jars.

Despite all my mishaps, I am still happy with the results.  I now have 5 quart sized jars of canned beans (equal to 10 cans) and a large batch of this hummus and an idea for dinner.  I chose quart for black beans because most recipes I use call for two cans.

The finished product!

Ez using my apron as a cape.  Wouldn’t you want to protect these cuties?