new years aspirations

Yep. Aspirations. Stephanie and I are not big on new year resolutions. We do set goals often, and revisit these through out the year. Regardless, a new year brings a fresh blanket of snow, and we are free to make whatever footprints we wish. So i thought i would share some things we have been talking about recently.

As a family:

  • Continue to declutter and own less stuff.
  • Save more (aka retirement planning).
  • spend less time watching tv, and more time reading books together (I have green eggs and ham memorized!)


  • run more. I was running 7 miles in 60 minutes. I’d like to be at 9 miles in 60 minutes.
  • bike more. umm yeah, that is always my goal.
  • Read more. I need to finish my pMBA.
  • date my wife more than ever.
  • Continue to get in better shape. Jan. 2009 i was 228 at 6′ 2″. Jan 2010 I am 190. I’d like to see 180 this year.
  • Go camping with my boys.
  • redesign this blog.

Well those are mine, Stephanie will share hers later i am sure.