we made it!

We just got a chance to use the internet today (wednesday ETH, Tuesday night USA).

The flight went really well. 16 hours is a really long flight for 2 adults. We’ll see how it goes with the boys. All of our luggage made it!

The boys are super cute, and doing well. The first night was a little rough, as all 4 of us had no idea what to really expect. The second night went much better. We figured out a system that works (for now). Attached is a pic of the 4 of us in the guest house courtyard (excuse the laundry, its not even ours).

Ethiopia is very nice this time of year. Actually cool for us from AZ. Very hilly, and busy, lots of people, cars and traffic.

Well thats it for now. I dont think we will get to use the internet again before we go, so we will see everyone when we are back on tuesday night.

Wish us safe travels!

Matt, Stephanie, Noah & Ezra