almost home

We are very close to being home home home.Currently sitting in LA waiting for a connevting flight. So please excuse any blackberry typos.

The flight from Addis to Dubai was a pretty rough 4 hours. It left at 7:30 (the peak of the boys no bed time fussiness / screaming). We landed very late and got to the hotel at 2am.

Up at 6am to head from Dubai to LAX. The boys did quite well 13 of the 16 hours. Only cranky /screaming at the same anti bed time.

The female flight attendendants gave the boys lots of attention. They are little flirts and seem to always smile at pretty ladies.

We ended up with the entire bulkhead row to ourselves. 4 seats and 2 bassenettes. It was very nice, and needed. We made a huge mess of the row with all our stuff spread out.

Now its off on a small-ish commuter plane to phoenix. Only a 50 minute flight.