Lovely Saturday

Matt and I had a very relaxing, fun day yesterday.  We woke up semi-early to go to downtown Phoenix to pick up my grapevines and peach tree from the Phoenix Permaculture Guild.  They were less than half the price I would have paid at a nursery!  Considering my last two peach trees have died, I need to be more frugal with my purchases, plus the guild gave out some great tips which will hopefully help this peach tree be the one that makes it.  Then we went to the downtown farmers market.  There was plenty of fresh local produce, great crafts, local cheese, and local free-range eggs.  We had a great time supporting local businesses and made some yummy purchases.  

We then spent a good portion of our afternoon in the garden.  Thanks to my wonderful husband for digging for me!  The one thing I can’t stand is attempting to dig a hole in our backyard, that is some tough dirt back there!  We planted my. grapevines and peach tree and did some basic maintenance in the garden and yard.

Matt doing the hard work



Peach Tree

Garden Bed

We then went over to the neighbors’ for a birthday barbeque (Happy Birthday Aubrey!) where we enjoyed some good food and company. 

Then it was home to watch the Cardinals game.  I will confess to being a closet Cardinals’ fan.  I am a professed Cowboys fan, but I do cheer for the home team on most occasions (even occasionally against the Cowboys, shh don’t tell them).  In the past there hasn’t been much to cheer for but there has always been the secret hope that one of these years would be their year.  Well last night I did not expect them to win (anyone who watched the last half of their season can understand why no one expected them to win), but I wanted them to win so bad just to prove everyone wrong and as a reward for their loyal fans.  Well they won!  I am still in shock.  The Arizona Cardinals are going to the NFC Championship game.  I didn’t think I would ever see this day.  Congratulations to the Cardinals!  Today I will be cheering for the Eagles, if they when the Cardinals will get to host the big game.