Looking Back

I started out 2008 with four goals that I shared here on the blog.  I did well with my goals.  Here is a brief update.

1.  Waste Less

We definitely wasted less food this year.  I am much better at meal planning and using up what we have.  It is so nice not throwing food out, better for the environment and our bank account.  We improved our water usage slightly, not a huge drop in water used per day compared to the previous year, about 14 gallons a day or 7 gallons a day per person (adding two little people this year will likely drive up our overall gallons per day usage, but lower our per person use).  Leaving room for more improvement this year.

2.  Eat 2-3 vegetarian meals a week

This was by far my easiest goal.  In fact, we only eat 1 or 2 meals with meat a week.  I think I can officially call myself a flexitarian.  I do consider at some point in time going totally vegetarian, but I am not there quite yet.

3.  Take the dogs for a minimum of 4 walks a week

The only time I struggled with this was in the summer!  It was too hot, but I still walked them often.  Now I am walking or running them 5 or 6 days a week.

4.  Eat fast food less than once a month

This one I totally didn’t do well on, oh well, plenty of room for improvement.  I don’t know if I will try this one in 2009, sometimes when you are stuck running errands a quick bite is convenient.

Tomorrow I will share some of my 2009 goals.