Wonderful Birthday

I had a wonderful day yesterday with my hubby.  He took most of the day off just to spoil me.  This is a big change for him, in the past he was not so good at taking time off for himself or anyone else.  It made me feel really special to have him to myself yesterday.  🙂  He started the day by making me breakfast and doing the dishes which also included unloading the dishwasher.  Then we went mountain biking, lucky for me he is pretty patient, it had been a while since I had been on the mountain, things were a little slow, and a little whiney at one point, but I did end up having fun.  Then in the afternoon I got to take a hot bath, get a back massage, and take a little nap.  He even did some house projects for me yesterday.  We hung an antique cabinet in the kitchen, moved the table, and rearranged a few things.  We capped off the day with pizza and going over our sample ballots to figure out how we were voting today.  It was a very nice, relaxing birthday.  Thanks to my wonderful, amazing husband!  (He actually spoiled me all weekend long.)

My family celebrated with me on Saturday night with good food, games, ridiculously impossible candles (thanks mom), and lots of presents.  I now have a nice apple corer and peeler for all those apple recipes and a pressure canner which I cannot wait to use.  Thanks guys!

Thanks to everyone’s birthday wishes this weekend.  I loved reading comments and getting emails.


BTW if you haven’t already done so, quit reading blogs and go VOTE.