I have kept to my word and started baking our bread.  No more store bought stuff in this house.  Monday I realized Matt was just about out of his sandwich bread and that I had to make bread.  This was the first time I have made bread without the help of a bread machine.  It was an interesting process to watch, plus I got to make a big mess that Matt later had to help clean up.  


Here is the bread in its beginning stage, the dough was super sticky at this stage.  It would have been great to have a pic of my hands covered in it, but I was home alone and I don’t think dough all over the camera would have been appreciated.



Here is a pic of Ms. Kitchenaid doing all the hard work.  Yeah, it had to be kneaded for 20 minutes, and I wasn’t about to do that by hand.


The dough rising.  Not very exciting.

Here is the finished product.  It isn’t the prettiest, but it will do.


The good news is it is edible and it tastes fine to me.  It’s not the best bread ever but it will do for making sandwiches and toast.  I will try a few more recipes before I settle on one as our sandwich bread recipe.  Here is the recipe I tried if you are interested.