game 6

im pretty excited about the peguins making it out of the messy game 5 and actually making a series out of this. I can’t help but notice the stark contrast of force between the teams. The redwings are a well oiled machine. They seem to operate with such precision. While the Penguins are more of that bug that wont die.

I really like the penguins, but I feel they are really grasping at straws here. They best bet they have is persistence and luck.

Since I am playing couch coach here:

  • What’s with the offensive puck dumping? I thought only middle school hockey teams did the dump and chase offense. It hasn’t worked all series, yet the penguins still rely on this.
  • Again, how many pro level hockey players does it take to complete a pass. I mean come on! Hockey 101. Keep your eye on the puck, and your stick on the ice.
  • already in game 6 we had a 1:40 – 5 on 3 situation and Pittsburgh got off 3 shots.

I am sure I will have more coaching tips later. Here’s to the rest of the game.