weekend fun

I am sure stephanie will expand on some of these later, but this was the weekend:

  • Pulled neighbors weeds (foreclosed house, and we made the biggest pile of weeks ever)
  • Ran errands in gilbert
  • Came home to find DHL dropped of matt’s anniversary present
  • Played mario kart wii for hours on saturday
  • Pool party / BBQ at neighbors
  • More mario kart
  • skipped church, cleaned house
  • more mario kart. 
So as you can see. There was a lot of mario kart going on.
I’ll post my friend number so we can race those of you who have mario kart as well (Kendal? Kamal? you guys have it yet? Julie? I know you have it.). Also expect a full review of the game later. 
Edited to add:
Here is a pic of our giant pile of weeds (it looked more impressive in person):
Luckily the HOA had H&N Landscaping come and clean-up after us.  It only took three of us just over an hour to clean up the yard.
We also did some more de-cluttering on Sunday and made our plans as to what we want done around the house before Tom and Jerry arrive and prioritized what needs to be done before summer hits (you know so we can avoid heat stroke).  Plus we played a ton of Mario Cart, which is a ton of fun.