NHL Winter Classic 2008!

I am super pumped about this. On New years day, the NHL is holding the first US outdoor, NHL regular season game in history. The game is between the Penguins and the Sabers, and should be a great game.

The game will be held in front of 70,000 fans in the buffalo Bills Stadium (tickets sold out in minutes).

The preparations have been impressive.

Last year the first NHL game held outdoors was in Alberta Canada, and the temps were in the -20° range. This year it should be a bit warmer at 24 – 30° at game time.

This is exciting for me, as my best friend and I lived on the pond hockey rink for 4 months each winter as kids. If we weren’t in school, you could find us on the pond. It was a great place to play hockey, and most of the NHL players playing in this game are also just as excited.