Grocery Store Faux Pas

Today I committed the ultimate grocery store faux pas, something I hadn’t done in a very long time and work very hard at not doing. I went to the grocery store HUNGRY! It was bad. I bought things I never buy chips, pretzels (I wanted to go back and find chocolate after this so I could make dipped pretzels for people and us, of course), and carmel dip (at least this one was to go with the apples I bought and really for Matt). I had to talk myself out of buying so many other things. I wanted a frozen pizza! I haven’t had one in years, luckily I talked myself out of it. I wanted pretty much everything I saw, luckily I did have a little self restraint and didn’t buy it all. Later I discovered a granola bar in the bottom of my purse (I keep it there for emergencies like this) and had I noticed it sooner, I would have saved myself some money. What are some grocery store faux pas that you have fallen victim to?