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Halloween 2015


Gamma’s Bird Bath

We made Gamma a bird bath for mother’s day. The boys had a ton of fun and it turned out pretty cute.

Zoo Lights – 2012

Zoo lights are so much fun with 4 year olds. They really love the experience. The night we had picked to go it was supposed to rain. I decided that meant it was the perfect night because it would be less crowded. It worked out great, hardly any crowd and it didn’t start to rain…

Christmas Day 2012

We had a lovely Christmas with Gamma, Papa, Uncle Jason, Auntie Michelle, and Abby! This age is so much fun at Christmas. We opened gifts, then had a yummy Christmas lunch, and then played! Gamma had gotten all the kids and dads nerf guns. There was quite the nerf gun war with lots of giggles…

Christmas Morning 2012

Christmas morning with littles is so much fun. The boys were full of so much joy and truly enjoyed every moment. It took forever to open gifts. They played and played with their new toys. The boys slept in that day, mommy and daddy’s gift I guess. We opened gifts, played, talked to Nana, Papa,…

Christmas Eve 2012

We had a nice quiet Christmas Eve. In the morning Matt went mountain biking with a friend, while the boys and I stayed home and worked on a sticker craft they had received as a gift. In the afternoon Ezra fell asleep! Then we packed them both up and headed down to Maricopa to go…

Light Parade

Last Saturday we went to the boys’ first light parade. They had so much fun and were so excited the entire time. Everyone around was giggling at their excitement and also well aware of their LOVE of firetrucks. One of the horses did his business right in front of where we were and for some…

Oh Christmas Tree

The boys LOVE Christmas. We LOVE their enthusiasm. Therefore they now have their very own tree for their playroom. They can decorate it however they want. They love it. We put it up last night and they insisted it needed a star, so daddy made them one. They thought their daddy was the BEST.

Halloween 2012

For preschool the boys needed to be Bible characters. I decided on Jonah and the Whale since that is their favorite story in their picture Bible. Thanks to fabric glue and the thrift store it was easy and frugal. Which is good because they stripped them off as soon as they got in the classroom….

Pumpkins and Butterflies – 2012

Last week we went to the pumpkin patch at the botanical gardens. The weather was much nicer this year (80s, last year it was 100!). We had a lot of fun. Bonus this year they had a firetruck to look at!

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July up at my parents’ cabin and went to the firework show in Payson. It was nice and cool (okay cold for us)! It was a rainy cloudy day, but the rain stopped by nighttime and the boys enjoyed their first firework show. They absolutely loved it and can’t wait…

Eggs, eggs, eggs

Today the boys went to the church’s Easter eggstravaganza and tonight we dyed eggs then went on a glowing egg hunt. A lot of fun was had and way too much sugar was consumed. Click on the pics to view them at a larger size.

Valentine’s Day

The boys adore Valentine’s. They love all the hearts and I’m assuming Noah really loves it because of all the RED. For some reason they call Valentine’s hearts “clementines.” I have no idea why, but it is seriously cute. 🙂 To celebrate their love of the holiday we made goodies to give out. We visited…

Ringing in the New Year

Our New Year did not start the way we wanted. 🙁 New years eve started with Noah getting sick, just mommy and Ez getting to go to Abby’s party, then mommy ringing in the new year in Noah’s bed because he was feverish and just couldn’t stay comfy. Meanwhile daddy was starting to have fevers…