Christmas Lights!

We put up our Christmas lights yesterday afternoon when we had a break in the windy, rainy weather. We wanted to do it last weekend, but it rained all day Saturday and we had other stuff to do on Sunday. Yesterday only required one emergency trip to the store to get one more strand of lights and some replacement bulbs because somebody (Matt) broke a couple. While I was gone at the store Matt decorated the shrubs with lights and I had one question for him when I got back. Did you make sure those worked? His answer, No. My response, okay I’ll do that. Two strands didn’t work, of course, and maybe Matt will check next year before putting them up, silly boy. I didn’t get any action shots of us working on the lights, but here is the finished product:

Matt didn’t take a picture that includes the other side of the yard where my polar bear is, maybe I can convince him to do it tonight.