Learning their letters

Last summer we bought the boys one of those kids’ laptops at a consignment store as a special toy for our long drive to Colorado. They played with it off and on after that and then a couple months ago they really started playing with it and not just pushing buttons.

The laptop teaches letters and phonics, I never really thought much about it. Until we were at a neighbor’s house and Noah was playing with their magnetic alphabet and started telling her the letters.

Yes they learned their letters from an electronic toy! I was going to start working with them closer to three, but I guess they are ready now. They love to point out letters everywhere we go, even while driving they read the building signs.

They have a favorite letter and it is W! When Ez first started saying it, it sounded more like “double U.” For a few letters they say the object associated with the letter instead of the actual letter. S is “sunshine.” H is “hippo.” J is “airplane,” it is a jet on the laptop, but they know all flying objects as airplane. Ezra’s ‘k’ is “cake,” it took me a while to figure this one out since “kiss” is the word association on the laptop. The laptop says “k” and then does the “k” sound immediately after and it sounds just like cake.

They don’t know all the letters yet, it is quite obvious they had some favorite object associations in on the laptop.

Photo Friday – 02.11.2011

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My Messy Boys

Last week Ezra and I were busy looking for a missing toy and Noah found a tub of lotion and got a spoon from the kitchen. Luckily he had opened it on the tile, so when Ez and I wondered upon him I let Ez join in for a bit.

Noah rubbing it in, yea this was some strong smelling lotion in large quantities!

Hooray they both have spoons now!

Stirring it up.

At least they were willing to clean it up!

Here is a short video of Ez skating on the lotion. He did really good and didn’t fall once. (He must have his daddy’s balance!) Wish I would have started taping earlier.

Skating on lotion from Stephanie Adams on Vimeo.

Photo Friday – 01.21.2011

Photo Friday – 01.14.2011

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Ez’s Favorite Game

Ez has a new favorite game. He has requested it every evening this week and we played it most of the morning (including one 45 minute stretch). He calls it “mommy night night.” What is mommy night night one might wonder? The rules are simple, mommy has to lay in bed while Ezra and Noah jump, wrestle, tickle (each other), giggle,and sometimes cuddle with mommy. Sometimes they do my hair, sometimes we sing songs, but mostly they act silly while mommy bums around. I promise you I did not come up with this game! Ez tells me, “mommy night night” or “mommy bed” and I just obey!

I have it tough, don’t I?