First Sleep Over

The last weekend of June the boys had their first ever sleep over. They went to Gamma and Papa’s cabin. I think this was hardest on mommy. They didn’t miss me one bit, or if they did they didn’t show it at all. It went really well for them and the grandparents, well as long as you don’t count getting up at 5 am and then thinking you don’t need a nap because there is just so much to do!

It went so well they are doing it again this weekend!

Potty training has become a reality

We first tried potty training over a long weekend back in February. It was a complete disaster and the boys were frustrated, so we went back to diapers with plans to potty train in the summer. We had a couple of trips planned and were going to wait until the middle of August before worrying about it.

Well Ezra just up and decided he was done with diapers and wanted undies this weekend. He even went to church and did just fine. He had one accident Sunday night, but other than that he did great.


Ezra was calling me, “Steph-a-dee, Steph-a-dee” tonight at bed-time. I asked him what daddy’s name was, “Awesome.” πŸ™‚

On another note both boys peed in the potty tonight! I think Noah was more excited for Ezra, he really cheered for him. Then Ezra ran around the house like a crazy person screaming, “Ezra did it!” πŸ™‚

Little Moments

One of Noah’s favorite jobs is cleaning up dead bugs, he use a little broom and dust pan. He was dumping one in the trash can when I hear Ezra say, “Bye bug, love you bug.”

Ezra wasn’t eating his chicken one night at dinner, so I snuck a bit off his plate. He looked at me, “Hey that’s my chicken!”

I was singing Ezra’s favorite song “I’m so Happy” and he looked at me and said, “I’m so happy off.” I guess he didn’t appreciate my rendition.

Ezra randomly walked up to me at 11 am and said, “Ezra’s turn to have ice cream.”

I told Noah we were having hotdogs for dinner and he turned and gave Ezra a big hug.

One morning the boys were asking for cookies for breakfast and I said we don’t have any cookies (also we don’t have them for breakfast) and Noah responded, “Cookies Mema’s house.”

Big Boy Beds

This post is super late. We switched the boys to big boy beds over Memorial Day weekend. They are doing really great with them.

Friday night fun, setting up the first bed.

Saturday morning, dismantling the cribs. πŸ™

Helping daddy set up Noah's bed.

Finished project.

Cuddling in Noah's bed.

Ezra out cold the first night in his bed.

Last Shuttle Launch

The boys witnessed the shuttle Atlantis lift off this morning. I know they won’t remember it, but I was glad they were able to witness this moment in history.

Boys glad to be home

We had a great vacation, and time with family in Colorado, but the boys always love coming home. I think they feel like they have to play with everything and re-connect with toys, animals and unwind.

In less than 30 minutes our house went from super clean and in order to this:

Two trikes, a scooter, lawn chairs, a slide, table from the playroom, all 4 chairs from the playroom, thomas trains, 2 different puzzles, drums, a guitar, 2 back packs, 3 stuffed animals and various plastic fruit items.Β All spread out across the living room in less than 30 minutes.

Ezra was so excited to see his trike that he got stuck on the play table, and dragged it across the house like a trailer. Nothing was gonna stop him.

Happy 4th

Made a cake, and spent the day with some family!

Matt’s cousins Zach & Bailey with 2 little boys making silly faces.


We made ‘merica’ a birthday cake. The boys blew out the candles.