Matt's list of 5 addictions/passions

So here are my 5.

1. Biking. I mean seriously, I love riding my bike. I would go mountain biking everyday if i could. I even enjoy road biking, and my biking commute. I would rather bike than drive anywhere. I will so be that guy hauling his kids around on an xtracycle or with a trailer. 

2. Talking about bikes & bike parts. Stephanie will vouch, i talk about, shop for, analyze, and dream about all things bike. parts, upgrades, fixes, lights, clothing, oddities, etc.

3. talking. i talk to much. i think i am addicted to running my mouth.

4. Work. I think its a passion. Others say addiction. I really do enjoy my work (Creative Director for my own creative / marketing firm). It has a lot of rewarding projects, and we have the coolest clients. We have clients fighting Human trafficking with fashion (from downtown London!), and others who are working on ending child prostitution in Phoenix, Our local Chamber of commerce has fun projects, and even small businesses who want to be the best at something for their customers. Seriously, I really love my job.

5. Technology. I get waaay to excited about apple products, cellphones, even new LED light bulbs. im a tech geek. 


I assume those that really know me, are not shocked by any of these things.

6 Replies to “Matt's list of 5 addictions/passions”

  1. SWEET!!! We got a double post out of that one! 🙂
    I didn’t mean to leave you out Matt! I’m so glad you shared. You and my husband easily share 4 out of 5 of your top five (he doesn’t own/run his own design/marketing firm, but he is self employed….)
    Friends of ours who live closer in town ride their bikes everywhere and their two kids are completely comfortable commuting to the park and library in their bike trailer. What a great passion to pass along to your boys!

    Tegan’s last blog post..Tagged : Five addictions/passions

  2. Hmmmm, I’m wondering why “STEPHANIE” wasn’t No. 1. I’m thinking I don’t like you too much Matt. I may have to disown you as an honorary Inskeep family member.

    Meg DeZutti’s last blog post..THE CALL

  3. hey now meg, in my defense, i wasn’t on her list either. I guess that was assumed, that i would be addicted to my wife.

  4. Hey Meg, I was shocked I wasn’t on his list either! He always says he is addicted to me. I really expected he would because he is silly like that and would fess up to his addiction. Good thing he didn’t claim these were his top 5 addictions! 😉

  5. Okay Matt — I forgive you. I’m really hoping that we get an early May court date and we can travel together and have an overseas Inskeep reunion. AND you have a fab wife. AND you have the most amazing sons. So I cannot stay mad at you very long. You are still an honorary Inskeep family member.

    Meg DeZutti’s last blog post..THE CALL

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