Adoption Update

We found out last week that we needed to do another form (power of attorney) to add to our dossier in Ethiopia.  Matt and I drove up to the Secretary of State yesterday to get it authenticated and now it will travel to Washington, D.C. to get authenticated by the US State Department and the Ethiopian Embassy.  It will not affect our wait time as everyone had to add this to their dossiers.


We also learned yesterday that the sibling group wait times should be expected to be around 12 months.  The official wait timeline is still 6 – 12 months, but more likely to happen in the 10 – 12 month range.  If you haven’t already guessed the referral date you still have plenty of time.

Please Pray

My heart broke earlier this week when I read this article.  Due to a severe drought in Ethiopia many children are starving to death.  The UN Children’s Agency is estimating 126,000 children urgently need food and medical care.  Please pray for the children of Ethiopia and if you can give.

15 Minutes

That is how long it took to dry a load of laundry outside today, less than half the time it would have taken in the dryer.

An Environmental-Parenting Blog

I came across a new blog the other day and thought I would share.  It is written by a mom trying to live a more natural life for the health of her family and the planet.  It was great to read her reviews of sippy cups, glass baby bottles, pacifiers and teethers, and toys.  She also wrote interesting articles on how going green saves money and raising kids who care about the world around them.  


Anyone else have an environmental/parenting blog they would like to share?

I am going to be an Aunt!!!

My little brother and his lovely wife are expecting their first child.  The baby is due January 2, 2009!  Congratulations to you both!!!


P.S.  I think we need a nickname for the baby for the blog.  I’ll leave it up to you two.

weekend fun

I am sure stephanie will expand on some of these later, but this was the weekend:

  • Pulled neighbors weeds (foreclosed house, and we made the biggest pile of weeks ever)
  • Ran errands in gilbert
  • Came home to find DHL dropped of matt’s anniversary present
  • Played mario kart wii for hours on saturday
  • Pool party / BBQ at neighbors
  • More mario kart
  • skipped church, cleaned house
  • more mario kart. 
So as you can see. There was a lot of mario kart going on.
I’ll post my friend number so we can race those of you who have mario kart as well (Kendal? Kamal? you guys have it yet? Julie? I know you have it.). Also expect a full review of the game later. 
Edited to add:
Here is a pic of our giant pile of weeds (it looked more impressive in person):
Luckily the HOA had H&N Landscaping come and clean-up after us.  It only took three of us just over an hour to clean up the yard.
We also did some more de-cluttering on Sunday and made our plans as to what we want done around the house before Tom and Jerry arrive and prioritized what needs to be done before summer hits (you know so we can avoid heat stroke).  Plus we played a ton of Mario Cart, which is a ton of fun.


Happy Mothers day

Just wanted to say happy mothers day to our moms.

Stephanie’s mom is up in pine. I assume steph will call her later today, and we are celebrating mothers day with them on wednesday night. I think bowling and dinner is the plan.

I have no idea what my mom is doing, but I will be calling her later today.

Next year Stephanie can have her own mothers day celebration with tom & jerry.

Shaklee Products

Jodi commented a few weeks back about using Shaklee products.  I do use them and I love them.  What I love best about them is there is no fragrance.  Cleaning supplies with a strong fragrance really bother me, so I was very happy to find Shaklee.   Continue reading “Shaklee Products”

its a dark day here at the adams house

So while driving in to Mesa today, Stephanie wanted to play the quiet game (I really dont know why). After about 8 minutes, it was over. 


Stephanie lost the quiet game

TO MATT!!!!!

Yes, its a sad day when anyone looses the quiet game to me. Steph claims she was concerned about a car pulling in front of us. Rules are rules.