100 things I am thankful for

I saw this on a friend’s blog and think it is a great idea. We have so much to be thankful for and sometimes I need to be reminded of that. Here are my hundred in no particular order:

1. Matt
2. My wonderful parents
3. My little brother and his beautiful wife
4. My in-laws they are awesome
5. My extended family, I could keep naming family members individually, but that seems like cheating
6. Carter, Jackson, Taffi and Tank – they bring so much joy to my life
7. My wonderful house
8. Good Health
9. Church
10. God’s Grace
11. Tony Romo
12. The Internet (Blogging, shopping, and so much more)
13. My little garden
14. Great neighbors
15. Good friends
16. Nice weather
17. The ocean and getting to see it every couple of years
18. Macintosh Computers
19. My cute orange car
20. My comfy bed
21. Sleep!!!
22. My future children, I can’t wait to meet you
23. Purring – Carter is doing that for me right now, I feel so loved
24. Cuddling
25. Natur Vet Quiet Moments – these seriously help Tank and I am thankful for that
26. Factor 1 and the joy and the stress it brings
27. Learning to cook
28. French Fries
29. Celebrating with family
30. Running Water
31. A good book
32. Forgiveness
33. Rain, last weeks was awesome
34. Sunshine
35. Flowers they always brighten my day
36. Comfy clothes
37. Music
38. Quiet time
39. Laughter
40. Freedom
41. Clean Sheets
42. Massages
43. Pictures
44. Bikes
45. Line Dried Laundry
46. Adoption Blogs
47. A Good Recipe
48. Comfort Food
49. Mom’s Cookies
50. Scars, life’s little reminders of something silly I did
51. Chocolate
52. Coffee
53. A warm bath
54. Wii games
55. Enjoying our backyard
56. Quick cat naps
57. No commute
58. My education
59. Board Games with friends or family
60. Dominos with Grandpa and Grandma
61. Electricity
62. Dancing
63. Fresh veggies
64. Sour cream apple pie – can’t wait until Thursday
65. Clean drinking water
66. Marriage, I love being married
67. My piano, even if I don’t play it much it makes me happy to look over at it
68. Looking up at the stars
69. Pickles
70. A good cry every now and then
71. Quality time with Matt
72. Walks with the dogs
73. Finding a bargain
74. My hair
75. Trees
76. Salvation
77. Watching Carter pick on Tank – pretty funny to see a big dog scared of a cat
78. Snow – we get some every few years or so
79. Windows Vista (okay that’s just in there to see if Matt reads my list)
80. A clean house
81. Air Conditioning, anyone in AZ should be thankful for this one
82. Lessons learned
83. Matt doing dishes with me every night
84. No daylight savings time in AZ
85. My crock pot
86. Fall leaves, at least I can see them in pictures
87. Bees without them my garden wouldn’t thrive
88. Driving two hours and being in the mountains
89. Hot Chocolate
90. New Clothes
91. Holding hands with the one I love
92. My dogs always being excited to see me even if I have only been gone for 5 minutes
93. Foot rubs
94. Long walks with my hubby
95. OfficeMax – without it I might not have met Matt
96. Football
97. Ability and freedom to think for myself
98. Choices even if they are hard sometimes
99. Colors they make the world a brighter place
100. My life and all the joy that it brings

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