What's up with all these ads everwhere?

Hey Matt & Stephanie, what’s the deal with all these ads?

Well blog reader, I’m glad you asked.

Because the cost of adoption is rather high, and funds are tight, extra income is a must. Also as some of you know, we only have 1 vehicle, and stephanie would like a minivan soon after we have our children. So basically we are trying to see how much change we can shake out of the couch cushions.

We have placed some google ads on our posts and side bar, hopefully all items relevant to the post nearby. Our hope is that some of our readers will see an interesting ad, and click through. Each advertiser pays google so much, and we get a cut for each click. We are not asking for you to sit there and click on everything (this means you Cindy I.), just if you see something of interest, go for it. No, you dont have to buy anything for us to get credit, just visit the site.

To date, we have made $0.37. This is a great start to our minivan!

2 Replies to “What's up with all these ads everwhere?”

  1. Matt, as a man, I must forbid you to buy a minivan… There are many BETTER options available. Subaru has some nice new stationwagons that are pretty killer, and you know I’m a hug vee-dub guy (they have some great wagens too…).

    Remember, friends dont let friends buy minivans…

  2. This coming from the guy who drove his moms astrovan for a year?

    I have no intention of ever driving it. But we have a wagon now. Way cooler than a subaru. We have the 200hp vibe GT with a 6 speed tranny. But not the best for 2 kids, and strollers, and anything else in the back.

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