Funny Quotes XV

Wow it’s been a long time since we’ve posted these.  From top to bottom, July 2016 – October 2014.   “you are crazy, but that’s a good idea!” – Noah to Ezra Me, “lightning is around 54,000 degrees.” Ez, “has it been that hot in Arizona?” Me, “no.” Ez, “but has it been close?” Me…

Some November 2015 pics we forgot to blog                   

Halloween 2015


Funny Quotes XIV

Ezra, “mom, soon we’re going to have another baby.”Me, “what? How?”Ezra, “I don’t know. It’s just happening to me.”Me, “oh, do you know what you’re having?”Ezra, “a kitty.” Asteroids are purple, sparkly, and have lights. – Ezra That’s your yoga mat? It’s huge. (Pause) that’s because you’re huge! – Ezra It was from the olden…

First Day of Kindergarten

On August 4 the boys started kindergarten.  They are really liking school for the most part.  It has been quite the transition for all of us with many rough afternoons, but we are finally all getting used to our new routine and long days.  Here are some pics of their first day.  Sorry no good…

RIP Santa

On September 12 we were driving in the car when the boys decided to ask me some serious questions.  First they asked if the tooth fairy was real.  I asked if they wanted to know the whole truth.  They said they did.  So I told them the truth.  They asked how the tooth box was…

No Tooth Fairies!

  A couple of days after Noah lost his first tooth, his second tooth was ready to come out.  We pulled it and he placed it in the tooth box under his pillow.  Shortly after putting them to bed, Matt heard some noises from their room.  He went to see what was going on and…

First Visit From the Tooth Fairy

Noah lost his first tooth! It was super loose and really bothering him, but was not easy to pull. Daddy couldn’t actually get a grip on the tooth so mommy had to pull it while daddy held him. He was getting anxious and needed a distraction. Luckily he provided his own when he tooted and…

Old School Operation

Because classic is the best!

Slip n’ Slide!

You dont need a hill to still have fun. And these two using it almost daily. 

Beach 2014

So we went to Imperial Beach in early June as we usually try to every year. Stayed in a great condo on the beach, visited Lego land and enjoyed a very quiet tim on the beach.

Last day of school 2014

What a great year. We decided to let them do one more year of preschool instead of sending them to kindergarden early. They really loved this year, made lots of great friends and learned a ton while having fun, both at school and in the afternoons at home. First Day of school back in September…

New Garden

Matt’s been busy building me a new (hopefully chicken proof) garden. The boys and I planted it today. We planted cucumbers, tomatoes, okra, basil, peppers, melons, carrots, eggplant, zucchini, and red onion.     They also used their fire nozzle to clean off the solar panel.

Rope Climb

This happened all the way back on December 2! Noah made it to the top of the rope at gymnastics on only his second try. He was determined to get a prize, a gatorade, but he kept calling it a gator. We are so proud of him.