Stephanie’s Birthday

We celebrated my birthday over a month ago, but never got around to posting. I wanted to do something new and decided on kayaking at Tempe Town Lake. It was amazing and we happened to time it just right and saw the sunset on the lake. Gamma and Papa watched the boys and made me a cake. We had to come home between kayaking and dinner because our butts were soaking wet. Did NOT think that through. We also went out for yummy Ethiopian food where I ate way too much and couldn’t eat any cake afterwards.

Matt and me ready to go


Fun times

Noah doing the happy dance

More happy dance

Family day 2011

Can you believe it’s been 2 years? We cant. Sometimes it feels like just last week we were in Ethiopia meeting these¬†amazing boys, and some days it feels like it was forever ago.

Want to see some exhausted parents who just traveled around the world to meet their sons?

Last years Family day Post