Potty training has become a reality

We first tried potty training over a long weekend back in February. It was a complete disaster and the boys were frustrated, so we went back to diapers with plans to potty train in the summer. We had a couple of trips planned and were going to wait until the middle of August before worrying about it.

Well Ezra just up and decided he was done with diapers and wanted undies this weekend. He even went to church and did just fine. He had one accident Sunday night, but other than that he did great.


Ezra was calling me, “Steph-a-dee, Steph-a-dee” tonight at bed-time. I asked him what daddy’s name was, “Awesome.” 🙂

On another note both boys peed in the potty tonight! I think Noah was more excited for Ezra, he really cheered for him. Then Ezra ran around the house like a crazy person screaming, “Ezra did it!” 🙂