Ezra and Noah’s 5th Birthday

The boys turned 5 last month. I still can’t believe they are 5. Where did my babies go? On their actual birthday they had their special donut breakfast and mommy went to school with them. We also opened presents in the morning.

Then on Saturday they had a little party. Noah wanted a firetruck cake and Ezra wanted an ambulance cake. They are also super into legos now, so we decided on the easy route and topped their cakes with legos. There was also a firetruck piñata and games.

Waiting to open presents.
Waiting to open presents.
A real phone! (okay just walkie talkies)
A real phone! (okay just walkie talkies)
Noah's Cake
Noah’s Cake
Ezra's Cake
Ezra’s Cake
Playing with Abby
Playing with Abby
Demonstrating the fire pole, look mom one hand!
Demonstrating the fire pole, look mom one hand!
Singing to Noah
Singing to Noah


Singing to Ezra
Singing to Ezra



Ezra at 5


Color: blue and black
Sport: Soccer and football
Animal: dogs and cats
Food: Carrots and water and cereal
Book: Dinosaurs
Season: Winter
Restaurant: Ethiopian
Holiday: Halloween
Weather: Snowy
Cereal: Mommy’s Granola
TV Shows: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Movie: Incredibles
Candy: Chocolate crackers
Subject: Alphabet
Toy: Firetrucks and police cars
Thing to do: Play firetrucks
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: Parks
Place I want to go: Gamma and Papa’s
Person: Gamma and Papa
Hero: Daddy
Time of Day: Morning
Song: Abc’s
Drink: Apple Juice
Treat: Popcorn
Vacation: The Beach

Noah at 5


Color: red
Sport: Riding bikes
Animal: Cheetah
Food: Carrots
Book: Firefighter Rhino
Season: Winter
Restaurant: Cafe Lalibela (because it has injera)
Holiday: Christmas
Weather: Cold and Sunny
Cereal: Squares (Cinnamon Toast)
TV Shows: Lego Ninjago
Movie: Incredibles
Candy: Candy Cane
Subject: Learning to write
Toy: Firetruck Lego
Thing to do: Go to Gamma and Papa’s house
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: Gamma and Papa’s house
Place I want to go: Oklahoma
Person: Gamma, Papa, Mommy, and Daddy
Hero: Batman
Time of Day: Evening
Song: The ninja song on the beginning of ninjago
Drink: Hot Cocoa
Treat: Candy Canes
Vacation: Colorado, Nana and Papa’s House

Bear time

For the kids upcoming birthdays Gamma and Papa took them to build a bear. It was a wild good time. They each had a lot of fun watching their bears get made. Noah’s bear is Firman Sam, Ezra’s bear is Fireman in a truck, and Abby’s is Abigail.

Watching abby’s bear get made

Ezra’s face crack me up

Warming up the heart

Noah testing his bear’s softness

Making a wish

Ezra was the last to go and was mostly patient

Getting to fill his bear

Making a wish

Washing his bear

Noah and Abby washing their bears

Them and the bears

The even got to ride the train at the mall with papa

Stephanie’s Birthday

We celebrated my birthday over a month ago, but never got around to posting. I wanted to do something new and decided on kayaking at Tempe Town Lake. It was amazing and we happened to time it just right and saw the sunset on the lake. Gamma and Papa watched the boys and made me a cake. We had to come home between kayaking and dinner because our butts were soaking wet. Did NOT think that through. We also went out for yummy Ethiopian food where I ate way too much and couldn’t eat any cake afterwards.

Matt and me ready to go


Fun times

Noah doing the happy dance

More happy dance

Birthday – 11.14.2012

On the boys actual birthday we celebrated with ballons, donuts, a tea party, and pizza for dinner. They also had their school friends over for some PB&J’s at lunch. They had a lot of fun turning 4, but ask every day if they are 5 yet. Stop trying to grow up so fast boys!

Balloon avalanche for the birthday boys

Happy Boy
(let’s just say Noah wasn’t dressed blog appropriate)

Birthday Donuts with candles!

Tea out of a real tea cup!

Tea party
After we had our tea party, they had their own.

Birthday Celebration

We celebrated the boys’ 4th birthday yesterday! We had lots of fun and no shortage of fire trucks.

Noah is serious about his play.

My goofy boy.

Swinging with Abby.

Three little turkeys.


A fire station! An ambulance, a fire truck!

Happy boy.

Fire truck book!

Abby 🙂

A truck! (Noah asked to learn how to drive the car for his birthday)

Happy Ez

All ready to drive.

Noah taking a swing at the piñata

Abby was serious!

Fire truck cake.

Oh daddy, you’re making fire trucks! Yippy skippy! – Ezra

My little firefighters.

Blowing out the candles.

Noah blowing out his candles

Happy Birthday Nama

We celebrated Nama’s birthday on Sunday night with some Famous Dave’s Bbq, cake and ice cream, and three crazy toddlers!

You can see more pictures here.