Noah at 5


Color: red
Sport: Riding bikes
Animal: Cheetah
Food: Carrots
Book: Firefighter Rhino
Season: Winter
Restaurant: Cafe Lalibela (because it has injera)
Holiday: Christmas
Weather: Cold and Sunny
Cereal: Squares (Cinnamon Toast)
TV Shows: Lego Ninjago
Movie: Incredibles
Candy: Candy Cane
Subject: Learning to write
Toy: Firetruck Lego
Thing to do: Go to Gamma and Papa’s house
Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia
Place to be: Gamma and Papa’s house
Place I want to go: Oklahoma
Person: Gamma, Papa, Mommy, and Daddy
Hero: Batman
Time of Day: Evening
Song: The ninja song on the beginning of ninjago
Drink: Hot Cocoa
Treat: Candy Canes
Vacation: Colorado, Nana and Papa’s House

When we asked her what brought it on she just said she wanted

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The settlement puts that lawsuit on hold while the Energy

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Many offer afterschool programs and summer programs that will

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Three decades ago, Sally Ride (and to their credit, the NASA

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The weapons have been stricken from the US inventory and are

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Restaurants to be banned from taking a share of tips in victory

HOCKEY OPERATIONS Director, Scouting Information Victor Saljanin Director, Hockey Administration Katie CondonMEDICAL STAFF Chief Medical Officer Senior Vice President, Player Care Dr. Lisa Callahan Head Team Physician Dr. Bryan Kelly Team Physician Dr.

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Random Memories

“I was looking for taffi and she came out of your bedroom and went outside, I went outside with her and I saw the moon but I couldn’t go up to the moon.”
The late night adventures of Ezra continue.

“Take your boat elsewhere, that’s the dance floor.” – Me

Noah, “I wish I could have a dragon.”
Ezra, “yea, but we can’t bring one here. Hey Mom, why can’t we bring a dragon here?”
Me, “ummm.”
Noah, “Come on mom, some are baby dragons and don’t breath fire, PLEASE!”

So Ezra asked for some words that started with x. Me, X-ray, xerox, zebra.

Noah and I were laying in bed relaxing. Ezra crawls up with blankie and a pillow. Next thing I know he is standing over Noah, whacking him in the face with the pillow, saying “does this feel like a dream?” Then they both erupted in giggles.

Must be greeting close to beach time. The boys decided to help “pack” sunscreen by smearing it all over themselves.

The boys are in the living room.
Ezra runs in to tell me, “Mommy, someone is staring at me!”
Me, “What? Like a person?”
Ezra, “Yes he is looking right at me!”
Me, “Where? Show me?”
Ezra points to the person, it was Jackson the cat.
Cats are people too.

Ezra never says ‘I love you’ to me. This evening he ran into the kitchen, gave me a huge hug, and said “you know I love you mommy!” (July 16, 2013)

Does anyone else immediately wonder “was it my kids?” when they get an email from vbs stating that the fire alarm inadvertently went off today? (it wasn’t!)

Ezra, “mommy watch this!”
Me, “you just asked for a sandwich. Do you want me to watch you or make your food?”
Ezra, “I want you to do both.”

Things that snuck into my cart while I wasn’t looking, cabbage and lettuce. My kids are weird.

Me: asleep
Ezra: mommy, I’m going to read a book in bed so you can sleep!

Ezra’s latest middle of the night hijinks- He go on my computer and texted daddy’s phone.

Woke up at 3 am to find a blanket on the floor next to my bed but no kid. Went to check their room and the door was locked, unlocked it and both kids were sleeping soundly. Asked them this morning and Ezra said he just wanted to put the blanket there and that he locked to door so the blanket didn’t come back. Kids do weird things in the middle of the night. I wonder what else goes on around here.

Last day of school. Noah was named the class mathematician and Ezra the class scientist. So proud of them. (preschool 3’s class)

When two little boys are jumping up and down shouting, “someone is here! Someone is here!” next to the little window by your door, you can’t just ignore the solicitor who rang the doorbell.

I’m going to be sad when the boys stop calling goggles gargoyles.

The boys just locked me in the chicken coop. How long until Matt notices? (thankfully it wasn’t too long)

Laying in bed listening to the boys play over the monitor and I just heard, “this is going to be even more dangerous!”

“That boy can hold a conversation!” – the tree trimmer’s thoughts on Ezra

I love waking up to giggling boys, but … 3:30 am was a little ridiculous.

Funny Quotes XII

E, “Mommy, said we can go to the park!”
N, “What’s that?”
E – describes the playground.
N, “Oh the park, I thought you said Ark – the thing I built.”

“If you don’t share I won’t come to your birthday party!” Said one twin to the other. (thinking it was Noah to Ezra)

Abby wasn’t born with us. Abby was born in Asia, we were born in Africa. – Ezra

“Pumpkin is not food, ewww.” – Noah
“Yes it is! You can make pumpkin pie.” – Ezra

The boys get one sheet of homework a week. They have to draw or cut out three things that start with the letter of the week. This week is D.
Ezra holding up a blank piece of paper, “mommy, I drew a Dalmatian dog, but he is wearing a costume so he is invisible!”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Bro? – Noah

We have to put away our weapons now. – Noah
Okay sensei. – Ezra

It will create an avalanche. No it will create a veggie salad. – Ezra in the tub.

But I want it and I get it because I’m sick. – Ezra telling Noah how it is.

The boys’ library books were for some reason in the middle of the hall.
Matt, “Why are there books here?”
Ezra, “Mommy was reading them.”
Not a complete lie, I did read him a book earlier that he brought me.

Noah, “I don’t want the ninjaneers to get it.” (Cardinals vs. Buccaneers)

Daddy, I’m going to name my mouth ‘candy land’ so everyone knows that’s where to put their candy. – Noah.

Ezra is very upset Noah is taller than him. “Mom, can you give him coffee to make him shorter, please?”

Noah to Ezra, “Wow, Ezra, you look cool!”
Ezra scowled.
Me, “Ezra that was a compliment, we say thank you when people give us compliments.”
Then Ezra angrily says to nobody in particular, “Fine if your going to say that I’m going to say you look cute!”

Ezra was asking for more food yet again.
Me, “geez boy how hungry are you?”
Ezra, “60 feet hungry.”

Some guy stopped the boys at the store to tell them how well behaved they were.
Ezra, “Mommy, why did he say that?”

“Reading makes my arms tired.” – Noah

Matt: what did you learn about in church today?
Ezra: orphans and that god wants us to love them.
Matt. Yeah?
Ezra: yeah. We should adopt them. But They are really big and live in the sea.
Matt: huh?

Ezra, “What did he say?”
Me, “You know you would hear more of what other people say, if you would just stop talking every once in a while.”
Ezra, “Nuh-uh, I’m never going to stop talking.”

Ezra, “I keep sneezing because of Paul.”
Me, “what did you say is making you sneeze?”
Ezra, “all that Paul, like the little boy.”
Me, “there’s a little boy outside?”
Ezra, “no the Paul in the air!”
Me, “you mean pollen.”

I was chopping in the kitchen and we were working on letter sounds by naming foods.
Boys, “tomato stars with T.”
Me, “yep. What other fruits and vegetables start with T?”
Noah, “TV!”

Matt was NOT wearing a shirt with a bike on it this morning.
“Daddy, you forgot to put on your bike shirt.” – Noah

Want to see my Amazing Store? – Noah
That’s not an Amazing Store, it’s an Awesome Store. – Ezra

Mommy come check out this enchilada! – Ezra referring to a tarantula.

We get to swim lessons and I remind the boys to take their shoes off. I look over at Ezra and he is taking his swimsuit off. “Oh I thought I heard swimsuit.”

Abby to Noah (referring to Ezra), “yea, I know, your boyfriend already told me.”

“You’re the bestest mommy in the whole house!” – Ezra

Ezra was ‘reading’ the requirements to level up in swim. After listing several he said, “and the most important is get out and show your mom what you can do.”

This tree smells like dr pepper! – Ezra

Does anyone need to go potty before we leave?
AHH! But I only go once a year! – Ezra

Last night the boys were discussing what they want to be when they grow up. Noah still wants to be a firefighter. Ezra said, “I want to be what Noah tells me.”

Me “boys clean up the living room.”
Ezra “WHY?”
Me “excuse me?”
Ezra “I said yes!”

“I think he (Ezra) needs some new listening ears from target.” – Noah

About 10 minutes into the flight, Ezra, “are we flying over Africa yet?” (Flight was from Arizona to Oklahoma)

I saw a doggy in her purse. That’s funny. That doesn’t make any sense. – Ezra.

Me: Why is there popcorn all over the floor?
Ezra: Because I was eating like an elephant.

“Mommy, why do you have to talk to other adults?” – Noah

A package arrived.
“What’s that?” – Ezra
“Something for mommy.”- Matt
Ezra smelling the box, “It’s not coffee.”

And there’s glitter on it!” – Noah describing his potato (I promise it was salt, not glitter)

If you step on a butterfly, it will kill you. – Ezra
Almost got it right.

If you see a dinosaur like a trex, you probably need to step away a little bit. – Ezra

Noah, “hey Ezra watch this.”
No response from Ezra in the other room.
Noah, “okay you can miss it!”

While eating dinner Noah pointed out that he was almost done and that Ezra had hardly eaten.
Ezra, “but I’m pasting myself!”

Can we keep the house clean? – Ezra (the answer is clearly no)

If you had a bad day just imagine Ezra walking around saying “oh no she didn’t” all day.

“We can play hockey after we’re done playing cocaine.” – Ezra (it was lacrosse and I think he was trying to say croquet)

“firefighters stop, drop, and roll onto the fire to put it out.” – Noah

“Babies take a lot of work and sometimes you can’t handle it.” – Ezra

First Day of School – 9.3.2013

The boys started their first day of preschool last week. They go 4 mornings a week. Ezra was a little anxious this year, but was totally fine when we got there.

Clearly someone had some feelings about school
Clearly someone had some feelings about school
Getting better
Getting better
Fake smile
Fake smile
Cuddles for mommy
Cuddles for mommy
Smiles with daddy
Smiles with daddy
They ran to class when we got there!
They ran to class when we got there!
Found a phone first thing
Found a phone first thing