Do it

Translated into a full sentence that would be, “I want to do it myself.”  As the boys near 2 I am seeing more and more of their independence and they want to do more and more themselves.  They also really want to help.  I try to let them “help” as much as possible and work very hard at letting them complete tasks are their own.  Obviously this can be frustrating for everyone involved on occasion, but I just remind us all to take a deep breath and then offer some encouragement.  The boys take great pride in doing things themselves and I love watching them light up after they’ve completed a task.
One of their favorite things to do is get their own breakfast. I make their breakfast and then set it on the edge of the counter so they can easily grab it and carry it to the table.

Ez grabbing his bowl.
Being careful.
Noah grabbing his bowl.
Striking a pose.
Putting it on the table.
Yes it is right on the edge! Don't worry it didn't fall.
Clearing his dishes.
Clapping for himself. 🙂
Noah clearing his. Noah is a very slow eater and comes back for more bites during the morning that is why he is suddenly wearing clothes.
Clapping for himself. (I should note the slow eating is just breakfast)

I’ve been trying to introduce them to cups with out sippies and they kept accidentally knocking them over.  I read a trick this week to use a baby food jar as a cup.  It is glass so it doesn’t knock over easy like plastic and it is a jar you are reusing so if it gets broken your dish set is still complete.  The boys loved drinking their water out of it today.

Noah with his glass.

Ez drinking.