Perfect Gentlemen

Today the boys had one of those rare days when you think, “hmmm maybe all this hard work is paying off.” I watched my friend’s two year old girl Sydni today. The boys were so excited she was coming over and couldn’t wait to show her their castle.

When she arrived they greeted her with a nice, “hi Sydni!” Then began to show her their toys. Which they happily shared the WHOLE morning long. Not once did they hit, bite, or grab the toy back saying “that’s mine!” They made sure she had fun and that she didn’t miss her mom. They brought her toys, gave hugs, received hugs, and made sure she had her milk. Noah even got down from eating his lunch and went and got Sydni “her own napkin.” (how dare I forget to get napkins!) I loved hearing Ezra’s sweet little voice saying, “bless you Sydni” when she sneezed.

They were super sweet to her all morning long and I loved it. They don’t act like this very often, they are normal two year olds after all. I am just so happy and proud that they were good hosts today. (For the record she was an angel too.)