Coloring with dad

The boys love to color, or should I say love to watch someone else color. They love coloring time with daddy.

Daddy can draw all sorts of things like planes, trains, and tractors. The boys eagerly shout out their requests while daddy draws.

Mommy likes coloring time because she can clean up the kitchen after dinner all by herself. 🙂

Car Wash

Matt wanted to wash the car this weekend and I offered for the boys and I to “help.” He knew we wouldn’t be a help, but was happy to have fun with the boys while getting something done.

Running from the water

Ez wanting to touch the water, but not get too close

Always with the tongue out

Showers 🙂


Just a little soapy

The face?

Supervising daddy.

Trying to figure out the hose.


Trying to get a drink


Matt doing all the work

What did I do besides take pictures? Chase down the runners!

Bottle Love

The boys gave up baby bottles quite a while ago. Recently they discovered their daddy’s blue camelbak bottle. They loved it so much they were constantly fighting over it.

Here is the beloved item:

A couple of weekends ago their daddy decided to take them to the bike store to buy their own. Matt said he couldn’t even get out the store with them needing them. 🙂

Holding them in the car. I know Noah doesn’t look happy, but he was!

Sorry that was is a bit blurry. Matt said Ez was giggling away and then dead silence. Out cold clutching his bottle. (don’t worry Matt was safe, the picture was taken at a red light)

The boys love drinking their water out of their big kid bottles.  😀