Three decades ago, Sally Ride (and to their credit, the NASA

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Canada Goose Outlet This is a sub for binary trans men. Binary trans males as a whole have not had much of a place on reddit in the past. Please respect that this is the space we have created. Three decades ago, Sally Ride (and to their credit, the NASA officials who recruited and mentored her) overturned the mainstream myth inherited from classical civilizations by becoming the first American woman astronaut canada goose outlet london to enter into orbit around the earth. With her death, we found out that Ride was also the first confirmed lesbian, and quite likely the first practicing canada goose parka uk gay, astronaut, female or male. Ride didn’t make a political issue of her lifestyle, but her lifestyle is invaluable goose outlet canada for its mythopoetic power as a model of heroism and progressive change that the name Sally Ride projects to women and gays Canada Goose Outlet.