Ethiopia Reunion – 2011

We had a little reunion with the two other families we traveled with in Ethiopia this weekend. We had a ton of fun. It is amazing to see how much all our kids changed since we traveled in June 2009. On Friday night I served up Ethiopian Sloppy joes, it is a nice cheat when you still haven’t perfected injera. Then on Saturday we went to the zoo and only lost one kid for a bit (don’t worry the missing child was found quickly and had no idea s/he was missing). We got to see the stingrays, some even got to pet them, the boys just loved that they got to play with water. Sunday we served up sandwiches for lunch and let all the kids run around the backyard and get nice and dirty. Some naps were had and then pizza to end the weekend.

I hope we can continue having these every few years and watch the kids grow together.

You can see some more pictures here.