Friday Updates

I am thinking of doing a regular update post at the end of every week.  I seem to be doing a lot of random update posts lately, so I think I will just start doing a Friday Updates post.


Adoption update:  No news.  There haven’t been any referrals this week from our agency.  The courts in Ethiopia are now officially closed until sometime in October.  There can be referrals during this time period, but no court dates will be heard.  (Court is what legally makes the child(ren) yours, a referral is a child(ren) matched to you from the agency)

Running update:  Last week I got my three runs in, even getting one in while in Colorado.  This week no runs.  🙁  I might try to get one in tomorrow morning.  I was making good progress until this week, so hopefully I can get back on track next week.

Push-ups update:  We are total slackers!  Vacation definitely put a hold on our push-up regime!  Hopefully we can get back on track next week and get week 2.5 done!

Other random stuff:


Last night we had a nice big storm that brought us .5″ of rain, lightening, and wind.  The wind broke one of the nicest branches in the above tree and it is currently hanging down into my tomatoes.  Luckily my tomato plants will be just fine and the tree should survive.


While we were in Colorado we were able to score lots of great stuff for Tom & Jerry at thrift stores.  We bought lots of books, wood puzzles, blocks and legos, and a shopping cart seat cover.  We love to go thrift store shopping in Colorado, we always seem to score better stuff there.  We also received books from Matt’s grandparents and his parents.

We found out that Jason and Michelle were having a girl and I snagged some adorable shoes and a hat from the thrift stores.  

I will do my monthly update of the Carbon Challenge tomorrow.  I am running a little behind right now.  I should have taken the file with me to Colorado!

I hope Matt will have pictures added to his last post by tomorrow.  FYI I do not love road trips as much as he does!  I like them for a couple of hours but that is it.  I do not like being in the car for that long, but we do manage to have fun together and the time goes by relatively quick.


Okay I think I am done rambling!