Keeping Busy

Matt and I are finding new ways to keep ourselves busy during the waiting period. The Ethiopian courts close for two months starting August 6, so even if we got a referral right now our case couldn’t be finalized until October/November. Plus I am pretty sure that there are still a few couples ahead of us waiting for a sibling set. We are hopeful for the end of the year, but early 2009 is looking more realistic. So, we are just trying to stay busy and keep ourselves occupied.

We have first decided to try out the Hundred Pushups Training Program. I figure all the extra arm strength will come in handy when we are suddenly carrying two kiddos around. I will be starting out training for 100 modified push ups, apparently I have lost some of my former arm strength and cannot even do a regular push up anymore. Matt is doing regular push ups because he is so buff. If all goes well with the first six weeks, I will plan on training with full push ups after that.

We are also strongly considering training for a half marathon. Our church is doing a fundraiser for the local food bank through Team Chances. Matt is well on his way, me on the other hand not so much. Running has never really been my favorite thing, but I really do want to do it, at least once in my life. Since, we are still kid free and have time for training, I think we should give it a go. The longest distance Matt has ever run is a 5k and me an astonishing one mile! So, keep us in your prayers!

As much as I have tried in my life to be a crafty person, I am not one! I keep trying new things though in the hope that it will be the one craft I love to do. Don’t get me wrong I like doing crafts, but mine never look nearly as pretty as other peoples’. The one thing I have finally found that I love is baking, but not the pretty stuff. I don’t have the patience to make food look pretty, I just care if it tastes good. I have decided to start baking all of our bread. Right now I am trying recipes that use the oven or the bread maker, but I hope to score a solar oven someday soon and give that a try too. I live in Arizona shouldn’t I try to use the sun to do my baking?

This fall we will be getting rid of a decent portion of our grass and expanding the garden. I am really looking forward to this project. It is really a joy for me to eat something I grew. I need some more room so I can grow a greater variety of vegetables. Also, I am attempting more canning a preserving of the things I grow, so we can enjoy the harvest throughout the year.

Finally, we have the nursery to complete. We have furniture for it, but we want to paint the walls. My lovely husband is going to be painting different animals on the walls. I cannot wait to start this project, but we have been dragging our feet. I think we believe if we procrastinate we will get our referral and then have to hurry to get everything done.

I think that is enough to keep us busy for a while! If you made it to the end, thanks for reading my long winded post!