Apparently I have been busy!

I just realized it has been over a week since I last blogged! Don’t worry I will get you all caught up with this post.

As you know we moved Matt into his office last weekend. It was a little strange being home alone all week, but I was too busy to really notice he wasn’t here. A bonus now that he has a separate office is that once he is home, he is home, he doesn’t go back into his office to work late into the evening.

Carter has found something new to do.

He sits in my plant and watches birds out the window. Apparently he needs to feel that he is actually in nature while watching birds.

Our home study was officially sent to CIS on January 8. I also finally proofread it again to make sure all the changes had been made that were supposed to, and thankfully they were. I find it a little strange that you proofread it before it goes to court and CIS, but you do not get to make sure the changes were made until after you have been certified and it has been sent to CIS. The control freak in me really didn’t handle this all too well, but everything turned out just fine. I didn’t doubt that my social worker was incapable, I just know mistakes can happen.

All families adopting from Ethiopia if you haven’t read this post please do so now. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what the family in the post is going through.

Prayer requests:

Sam broke his collar bone this week falling of the couch. (Sorry no blog.) He is around 20 months old and they just have to keep him as still as possible (easy with a toddler, right?), no immobilizing devices will work for him.

Kimberly has malignant melanoma. Pray that her doctors successfully remove it all and that it has not spread.

Matt sent me this post this week and it disgusts me. There are people all over the world that the money spent on these could supply basic necessities for, but we need plasma tvs in the men’s room at a church. I am not against churches having a nice building to meet in, but this goes too far.

I have done well on all of my goals except walk the dogs. The poor dogs have been neglected because of my busyness.