Daylight Saving Time

I experienced a first today. I had to fall back, I have never actually experience a daylight saving time (dst) change. I lived in Arizona my whole life and hadn’t managed to be out of state for the change until today. I personally think dst is a silly thing. If you like your sunlight extended at the end of your day instead of the morning just change it permanently, then you won’t have to worry about changing all your clocks and adjusting your sleep schedule. Standard Time is getting shorter because Congress keeps extending dst, they say it saves money on energy bills, and apparently it is slightly less effective in the winter, thus the change back to Standard Time. I also heard on the news the other night that pedestrians are more likely to get hit by vehicles after the switch back to Standard Time, they said drivers had trouble adjusting to the darker evenings. At any rate I am glad I live in Arizona and do not have to mess with this silly system.