Talking Trash

This is an entry from the fastcompany blog that I found interesting:

It’s not easy being green. Anybody who’s ever really tried to minimize his or her carbon footprint, knows that even when you’re committed to recycling and responsible purchasing, you can be foiled by forces outside your control. You buy a new set of tiny earbuds, and they come encased in a mound of nasty plastic and Styrofoam. You order lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and get a portion big enough for three (the upside: I now feel virtuous instead of cheap for my unrepentant doggie bag habit, and my predilection for tap over bottled water). You buy something online, only to trigger a torrent of unwanted catalogs.

Here is the link to read more: Talking Trash

EWWW the thought of your stinky trash forever attached to you: And before you grab three paper towels in the rest room, carelessly dispose of a battery, or pitch that disposable razor, imagine if all your trash was forever attached to you via some weird magnetic field. Because, in many ways, it is. To all of us.