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Rope Climb

This happened all the way back on December 2! Noah made it to the top of the rope at gymnastics on only his second try. He was determined to get a prize, a gatorade, but he kept calling it a gator. We are so proud of him.

Funny Quotes XIII

“My muscles aren’t bigger than yours, they are just more potent than yours.” Ezra to Noah Ezra shouting, “mom, what’s that thing making the noise?” Me, “the blender.” Ezra shouting, “the blender is losing the quiet game.” More crashes means more scratches. Ezra’s words of wisdom. “Noah, did you know dirt is allergic to me?”…

Ezra and Noah’s 5th Birthday

The boys turned 5 last month. I still can’t believe they are 5. Where did my babies go? On their actual birthday they had their special donut breakfast and mommy went to school with them. We also opened presents in the morning. Then on Saturday they had a little party. Noah wanted a firetruck cake…

Christmas Angels

The boys had their school Christmas play today. They were angels. Each child had to say their own line. The boys were the loudest (without screaming) and clearest. They did great!

Ezra at 5

Color: blue and black Sport: Soccer and football Animal: dogs and cats Food: Carrots and water and cereal Book: Dinosaurs Season: Winter Restaurant: Ethiopian Holiday: Halloween Weather: Snowy Cereal: Mommy’s Granola TV Shows: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Movie: Incredibles Candy: Chocolate crackers Subject: Alphabet Toy: Firetrucks and police cars Thing to do: Play firetrucks…

Noah at 5

Color: red Sport: Riding bikes Animal: Cheetah Food: Carrots Book: Firefighter Rhino Season: Winter Restaurant: Cafe Lalibela (because it has injera) Holiday: Christmas Weather: Cold and Sunny Cereal: Squares (Cinnamon Toast) TV Shows: Lego Ninjago Movie: Incredibles Candy: Candy Cane Subject: Learning to write Toy: Firetruck Lego Thing to do: Go to Gamma and Papa’s…

Random Memories

“I was looking for taffi and she came out of your bedroom and went outside, I went outside with her and I saw the moon but I couldn’t go up to the moon.” The late night adventures of Ezra continue. “Take your boat elsewhere, that’s the dance floor.” – Me Noah, “I wish I could…

Funny Quotes XII

E, “Mommy, said we can go to the park!” N, “What’s that?” E – describes the playground. N, “Oh the park, I thought you said Ark – the thing I built.” “If you don’t share I won’t come to your birthday party!” Said one twin to the other. (thinking it was Noah to Ezra) Abby…

First Day of School – 9.3.2013

The boys started their first day of preschool last week. They go 4 mornings a week. Ezra was a little anxious this year, but was totally fine when we got there.

Family Day – June 2013

It is hard to believe we celebrated our 4th family day on June 8 this year! It’s even harder to believe we didn’t get a picture on that day. On our family day the boys and I arrived at the airport from Oklahoma in the evening. We were exhausted and just never got around to…

Last day of school 2013

Today was the boys’ last day of school. They had a party with lots of water play. They had lots of fun with their friends and ate too much sugar. Noah was named the class mathematician and Ezra the class scientist. So proud of my smarty pants!  They’ve grown and matured so much this year!…

Random pics


Thanks to pinterest I found this fun activity for our backyard.


Back in March we got some baby chicks. We are loving them. They are so much fun and the boys love taking care of them. We have five total – Skittles, Isabella, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock.