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Atwal was convicted, with three others in the International Sikh Youth Federation, of attempted to murder Malkiat Singh Sidhu, a visiting Punjabi cabinet minister. Sidhu was ambushed on an isolated stretch of road near Gold River in May 1986. He was shot twice, but survived.

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However, both call on followers to try to detach themselves

Durkin’s fate in College Park and in many ways, the future of the Terrapins football program could hinge on the results of that second probe, but there is no timetable for its completion. In a brief update to the board at the start of Friday’s meeting, Robert L. Caret, chancellor of the University System of Maryland, told the regents that review is “proceeding very quickly” and could be completed by the end of the month..

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(Each gram of fat is nine calories and each gram of protein or

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If the eggs are very dirty, a light and gentle rinsing under

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There are conservative people here too but left and right don

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Of the key parts Mr De Marchi wants to highlight is the fin

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President Herbert Hoover “dedicated” the Empire State Building

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Ben Cooper, controller of BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and Asian Network,

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Spring is just around the corner

Sorry to all my friends in colder states, but spring is just about here in Arizona and I am super excited. The last chance for frost is late February for us, so that means I get to start seeds in January. Two weeks ago I started bell peppers, two kinds of cherry tomatoes, eggplant, watermelon, two kinds of cucumbers, and galia melon. One week ago I planted tomatillos, jalapenos, banana peppers, black zucchini, roma and pink tomatoes, royal burgundy bush beens, and rattlesnake beans.

I am thrilled because seeds are already sprouting-everything but the eggplant, zucchini, and peppers-this is the best start I have had since gardening. I’ve really struggled to find the right windows to start my seeds, you are supposed to use southern facing windows and we only have one southern facing window and it has a patio cover and a shade screen. I decided to try my west facing windows this season and haven’t been disappointed (I tried east in the past).

I have also started two sweet potatoes in hopes of getting some sprouts to plant. Plus this weekend I started basil, dill, sage, parsley, mint, catnip, and some flowers. I planted thyme, rosemary, and flat-leaf parsley in my new-to-me concrete planters (free score from a neighbor) out front.

I am really excited about this gardening season and very happy that it is off to a good start.  We have lots of weekend projects planned for February to get the garden ready.  Can’t wait to start eating all that yummy produce!

Photo Friday – New Years edition – 01.01.2010

What's in the box?
Entertaining the boys with daddy's new helmet
Trying out eric and daddy's new helmets
This way?
He loves it, guess we should get him a bike!
Ez loves to walk with stuff in his mouth, even diaper inserts.
The boys were playing "quietly" while I was sewing and Matt was doing dishes
The boys were playing "quietly" while I was sewing and Matt was doing dishes
Boxes and cats, lots of fun around here.
Happy Baby