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Funny Quotes XV

Wow it’s been a long time since we’ve posted these.  From top to bottom, July 2016 – October 2014.   “you are crazy, but that’s a good idea!” – Noah to Ezra Me, “lightning is around 54,000 degrees.” Ez, “has it been that hot in Arizona?” Me, “no.” Ez, “but has it been close?” Me…

Some November 2015 pics we forgot to blog                   

Halloween 2015


Spring is just around the corner

Sorry to all my friends in colder states, but spring is just about here in Arizona and I am super excited. The last chance for frost is late February for us, so that means I get to start seeds in January. Two weeks ago I started bell peppers, two kinds of cherry tomatoes, eggplant, watermelon,…

Photo Friday – New Years edition – 01.01.2010