Matt & Steph wii people

check out our nintendo wii charachters.

I think making mii characters is a fun game by itself. Making your friends and family can be quite entertaining.


And Matt Blinking. This is really funny, because i am notorious for blinking in pics.


And Stephanie being tough

ice cooling t-shirts – now available

inspired by the one and only kamal (currently of germany soon to be vegas).

ohh yeah, it a great shirt inspired by environmentalism, a love for inner-city youth, ohh and ice hockey (why did I put that last?).

shirt reads: trice as nice on ice bringing ice hockey to inner-city youth and cooling corporate buildings since 2008.

shirts will be $42.
making ice for inner-city youth and cooling corporate buildings one shirt at a time isn’t cheap.

Matts Summer Reading

Time to add to my summer reading list.

these are a must.

summmer reading

The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide – Oh yes. One cannot throw down until he knows the ways of the hand. Written by Douglas and Graham Walker, “leaders of the World RPS Society and organizers of the annual RPS International World Championship.”

The Way of the Thumb – Full-fisted conflicts are for sissies. Real warriors use thumbs. Penned by the fingers (and thumbs) of Oscar Villalon, three-time champion of the 826 Valencia Thumb Wrestling Tournament.


We finally got some rain last night in Maricopa! We received two tenths of an inch (I know some of you in other states are laughing at this), plus all the other summer storm goodies, a dust storm, lightening, and thunder. It had been over two months since we had received measurable rain, so needless to say it was the top story on the news. We should get storms for a few more nights this week. I love this time of the year!



So its official. The wii came tuesday. I’m pumped. The last 4 days have felt like I was six years old again, counting down the days till Christmas. That UPS guy could not have come soon enough. I have not been this excited about a video game in a long time.

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hey its our blog

so i can finally stop joking about having a blog. i hope we can keep this up to date for family and friends.