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Last day of school 2014

What a great year. We decided to let them do one more year of preschool instead of sending them to kindergarden early. They really loved this year, made lots of great friends and learned a ton while having fun, both at school and in the afternoons at home. First Day of school back in September…

Ezra at 5

Color: blue and black Sport: Soccer and football Animal: dogs and cats Food: Carrots and water and cereal Book: Dinosaurs Season: Winter Restaurant: Ethiopian Holiday: Halloween Weather: Snowy Cereal: Mommy’s Granola TV Shows: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Movie: Incredibles Candy: Chocolate crackers Subject: Alphabet Toy: Firetrucks and police cars Thing to do: Play firetrucks…

View from the backseat

Yesterday Ezra took their camera to show and tell. He took pictures on the way home and I enjoyed seeing the world through his eyes.

Ezra is officially a bike rider!

Ezra has been able to pedal for a while, but he couldn’t get started on his own. He finally figured it out yesterday and is one HAPPY boy! He quickly graduated to wanting to learn to jump things.

Ezra at 4

Color: pink Sport: baseball Animal: sheep Food: peanut butter and jelly Book: the Bible Season: Winter Restaurant: Wendy’s Holiday: Thanksgiving Weather: Sunny and warm Cereal: Mommy’s Granola TV Shows: My Little Pony Movie: Incredibles Candy: Halloween Candy Subject: Alphabet Toy: Firetrucks Thing to do: Play cars Place have been: Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma,…

Giggly Baby

I just found this video and pretty sure I’ve never shared it. Happy Saturday!

Ezra can pump!

I was inside putting dinner in the crockpot and went back out to check on the boys. Ezra had finally figured out pumping on the swings!


Nutrition Goals

This morning the boys were playing with their yogurt instead of eating. So we had yet another conversation about how food isn’t a toy and it is to nourish our bodies so we can grow big and strong. The boys usually also talk about it giving them energies like Plex, but today Ezra had a…

Jesus walked on water, but why?

A couple of weeks ago the boys learned the story of Jesus walking on water at Sunday School. On the way home we were asking what they had learned that day and Ezra informed us that Jesus walked on water because he was scared of the boat. As evidence by Ezra’s craft from the day….

Lost balloon

On Friday we took the boys to Sonic for lunch. (our sonic is not a drive up) Apparently I was feeling a little crazy because it was hectic. We spilled an entire drink, lost a corn dog to the floor, and push the button to call the waitress way too many times. She was super…

Ezra at 3

Ezra acts shy at first, but once he knows you he is a ham! He loves to be silly and is free spirited. He likes to do things “outside the box.” He really likes to help mommy and daddy. Tormenting his brother is one of his favorite things to do. Don’t worry he also loves…

Potty training has become a reality

We first tried potty training over a long weekend back in February. It was a complete disaster and the boys were frustrated, so we went back to diapers with plans to potty train in the summer. We had a couple of trips planned and were going to wait until the middle of August before worrying…

Wordless Wednesday – 03.09.2011

New Cameras

After a friend posted pictures her kids took, I immediately asked her which camera they had. She told me about this camera and how durable it was. I began watching ebay for a good deal since I wanted to buy two. I finally found two from one seller and got my deal. They arrived yesterday…