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Some November 2015 pics we forgot to blog                   

Old School Operation

Because classic is the best!

Slip n’ Slide!

You dont need a hill to still have fun. And these two using it almost daily. 

Beach 2014

So we went to Imperial Beach in early June as we usually try to every year. Stayed in a great condo on the beach, visited Lego land and enjoyed a very quiet tim on the beach.

Taking photos with kids

Last October we were in Colorado and decided to snap some family photos.  Most of them turned out blurry for one reason or another.  I decided to have Matt take a picture of me and my boys one at a time.  My method of photos with kids has always been for me to just smile…

two riding boys

It’s official, Noah and Ezra are bike riding machines! They have been on the scoot bikes (no pedals and limited steering  since 2, and they did get pedal bikes about a year ago, but were still a little too short to reach the ground well. They were on training wheels for a few months, mainly because…


The boys have had quite the adventurous spirit lately. They’ve figured out how to get out of their bedroom into the backyard via the window. They do this during “quiet” time. For the most part it is harmless adventure. Except now they are working on getting over the wall to the great big world. They…


Boy antics

The boys were in their room for quiet time and I heard interesting noises. Went to check Ezra had opened the window, popped out the screen, and tossed down a bunch of blankets and pillows for a soft landing spot. “Come on girls hop in my firetruck.” Noah “You get the boys.” Noah to Ezra…


I decided to try vermicomposting pretty much just for the boys. I figured they would love having pet worms. Well the worms arrived today and they were excited! They were also a little confused because they asked if they could eat worms for lunch. I had explained that the worms would be eating some of…

Nap time woes

The boys have started to fight and skip nap-time. I knew this day would come, but thought it would happen closer to age 4. They nap about half the time now. The skipping nap wouldn’t bother me so much if they weren’t so darn cranky! Plus they go to bed at 7 when they don’t…

First Disney Trip!

This last week we spent the week in southern california with papa, gma, jason, michelle, and cousin abby. We had a blast, got to meet micky, ride some rides, and generally had a blast. We went to the beach the next day for some relaxing water time.   We took a few photos. Just a…


Messy house

Boys glad to be home

We had a great vacation, and time with family in Colorado, but the boys always love coming home. I think they feel like they have to play with everything and re-connect with toys, animals and unwind. In less than 30 minutes our house went from super clean and in order to this: Two trikes, a…