A picture, some updates, and random links

The table is already being put to good use!


For those of you (Nicole you can do it) considering the 100 push-up challenge I encourage you to give it a try and don’t worry about getting it done in six weeks.  Matt and I have decided instead of moving on to week 3 we are going to do the third column in week 2 instead (we were doing the middle column).  We did our test at the end of week 2 and didn’t think we were quite ready for the challenge of week 3.

Matt and I have both been consistent with getting in three runs a week.  I am excited to see myself slowly improve. 


Now onto some links that I am just too lazy to do whole posts about.

Facts on cloth diapering.  

Wind energy is taking off

Changing lives with used bikes.


An Environmental-Parenting Blog

I came across a new blog the other day and thought I would share.  It is written by a mom trying to live a more natural life for the health of her family and the planet.  It was great to read her reviews of sippy cups, glass baby bottles, pacifiers and teethers, and toys.  She also wrote interesting articles on how going green saves money and raising kids who care about the world around them.  


Anyone else have an environmental/parenting blog they would like to share?